Island Girl Nail Polish

 Island Girl Nail polish from Hawai’i.

I came to Hawai’i foolishly only bringing a couple of colour nail-polish, now, having lived here for a while, I’ve realised that nail-polish is THA THANG! 
It’s aaaaall about the slippers (flip flops), nailpolish and shorts. It’s so hot here so everybody always wears slippers, (majorly influenced by the Japanese culture) and so your feet are constantly exposed, and you wanna look decent, so a little polish does the job!
Even women that I see around not wearing any makeup, or aren’t very fussy about their look will wear like a nude or classy brown colour just to make it look sort of, clean and nice. 
I’ve neve really had good finger nails, Used to bite, don’t anymore, but they are so thin so they break ALL the flingin’ time. Darn it. BUT it helps if you make them harder with some polish and top coat!
In Hawaii’s famous ABC stores ( Love love love) they sell this brand called the Island Girl cosmetics. And I saw this grand selection of colourful polishes, ALL FOR THE PRICE OF $2.99 EACH! So I bought a red polish as I had run out of my old one, and I was pretty happy with the result on my toenails. 
Went out and browsed for more, and went a little crazy, and bought a few more!

 I love this pinky one, it has a slight nice shimmer. It takes a few coats to get the colour to really pop, but they dry so quickly, so that’s awesome!
Now, I’ve read a few reviews after buying them, and I gotta tell ya, it’s a mixed bag. Some people say it’s the worst polish ever, some say it’s alright. Now I ain’t no beauty queen or regular cosmetic review blogger babe.

But I am lovin them!
Just do a few coats, and if you want it to last a while, use a good top coat!
I myself loved that glittery one and use it on top of loads of colours (when I want extra razzle dazzle)

 Now, with these three colours, (the middle one from H&M) I mixed them up to get the exact colour I wanted, I applied them in the order that they are placed in the picture. Now this is embarrassing, because my nails ain’t very stunning, but just to show you what I mean, I will sacrifice my pride and show you what it looked like.

Sorry about the BAD picture. And the Bad nails. And the chubby fingers. But, in conclusion. Island Girl Nailpolish, – Good value for money. And, LOVELY colours to choose between. With cute Hawaiian names on them, as you can see on the bottom of the bottles.

As far as I know, they only sell them at ABC stores, in Las Vegas, and apparently now in San Diego.
Other than that, ObVIOUsly you can buy them on Ebay. Like you can with everything else.

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  1. Toillsjur says:



  2. Briana says:

    I bought one in Vegas and now I'm obsessed with painting my nails!!! I never had the patience before, but Island Girl dries so fast, and looks SO GOOD! The pink that you posted is my favorite. I keep staring at my nails.


  3. Yeah I love love love them! I'm going back to the Islands this fall, and I will definitely buy some more! 🙂


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