Oscar disappointments…

Won’t hide the obvious fact that I am a big admirer of the man and performer Gary Oldman.

And that I have not really watched the Oscars for years because he has never been nominated for any of his astounding performances -until now. 

I started my day watching the first awards, and following the official tweets and tweeting frantically myself. 
Later, when the bigger awards were about to start, I popped over to my neighbours and we had a little Oscars get-together.  I was so excited… Little did I know. 
These girls had to suffer through with me laughing, moaning, screaming, swearing and crying. We worked ourselves through FOUR bags of popcorn. Yeah. Four.

Anyway, I was slightly annoyed that it was this part that would get him the nomination, although I loved ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ this, isn’t the ideal movie to win him an oscar. I was so happy when he won an ‘FILM ICON’ award by Empire readers. 
and was so moved when his humble speech told of great thankfulness to the award, for giving him recognition. This is something that should have been given LOOOONG AGO. 

However, I was very excited to see him there amongst the shiny glossy stars of Hollywood, but not really surprised when this amazing man did not win. 
I am not discrediting the fantastic performance in ‘The Artist’ at all, but I just… wanted him to get the recognition he deserves…  

To all who have followed his works from this

To this

I am sure that his curse has been broken, and that he will be nominated again and again… and finally win…! 

Here’s how I reacted when I found out.

Go Gary.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn't want to get you mad…goodness!jr


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