My first Babyshower (not for me)


I was invited to a babyshower that the theatre company had arranged for our lovely and genius costume desginer. I was pretty excited, as I’ve never been to one before, and the first thought that comes in to my head is that it is a day of joy. I did freak out though, as i had no idea WHAT to buy, (I didn’t know the sex of the child) and I am pretty broke.

Here’s Dezmond and I waiting in the lobby to be picked up. It was held in a condo, with super nice amenities. Swimming pool, big patio and gym! I could live there… yeah I could…

 As soon as we got there, the BBQ had already started, and the smell of delicious food was in the air. 

 There was all sorts of food and desserts. And I was just so happy to be there, the mom in honour was glowing and people were so cheerful. Shame that the weather wasn’t too nice.

 Dezmond showing off. Nice Aloha shirt.

 Bart doing his thing! Them Texans know how to Barbecue meat! Mmmmm…. 

Rochelle helping. There was food for Vegetarians and for MEAT EATERS… Like me.

 Chit chat. 

 My boys. 

 Check out my hefty arse walking towards the food there to the right. Sniff sniff… i smell PORK!

 Am I greedy? Just a tad…


 Ok, just realised that this is maybe more of a food blog post than a baby shower post?

 BERRIES…? Mmm yes please. 

 Junior’s Jr having fun by the hot tub and pool. This picture kinda looks sad doesn’t it? The weather looks grim, and he looks like, “aaahhh, why do I have to wear this thing?!”

 Eating. talking. 

 I love Nina. This is Nina.

 More eating and talking. What a great day. How interesting is this really? Well I know one who appreciates this… MAMMA 

 Look how cute he is… 

 Presents for the mum! Can you guess which one is from me…?

 Alvin being a cool uncle…. with a wet patch on his trousers, and a kid in his t-shirt.

 OKAY! Opening the presents!

 This was my present…. BABYWHIPES I mean… it’s practical, not too expensive for me. But take note, I bought good organic hypo-allergic ones. And they ARE gonna need them. Anyway, they were very grateful. 

 Reading cards, and writing down what they get… I know Mamma will appreciate this. This is what we do EVERY christmas at presents-opening-time.

 Ohhh! Big pink present from Bart! What is it…?

 Baby rocking chair thingy! 

 Look what came with the stork! LOADS of stuff, (or as the card from junior so elegantly said; ‘Everything Butt’) -Diapers, whipes, talc, creams etc.

 A Hawaiian humpty dumpty pillow. 

 Look, Bart baked tiny cupcakes, with tiny babies feet. HOW CUTE IS THAT!?

 NEVER miss the chance to play Titanic. Even if I have to DRAG Dezmond to the other side of the balcony to the pointy bit and force him to take a picture of me.

 And look what I got to bring home with me…? how beautiful is this? 

The end. Stay tuned for more pointless ramblings.


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  1. Mamma says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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