I’ve been to Muumuu Heaven

Mu’umu’u heaven, in Kailua
This is my experience of this wonderful and original shop in Kailua that my friend Annie recommended me to go to. I was visiting Annie, and walking around in Kailua as she was doing her guitar lesson, when I entered this heaven of colour and art. 
They had an exhibition on, of a local artist and were serving drinks and smiles so it was a real pleasant shopping experience. 
There are plenty of art pieces around in the shop, 
The shop in itself is a gallery of fantastical unique dresses made out of old vintage mu’u mu’u material (mu’umu’u is the typical Hawaiian dress that you see the locals wear in the movies etc)
Now I love those dresses anyway, but the dresses in this fabulous store are all unique from each other and made into funky dresses. And the shop is just so fab! 
All of this made out of recycled materials, textile samples, locally found materials that were thrown away, and just scrap that they find about the island when they go treasure hunting. Amazing!
Look at these cute fishes made out of vintage material!
I love that above the till they have the different times in the world and I don’t know if you can see it, but the empty one to the right, above it, it says Heaven. How lovely is that?
No time in heaven….
Look at these old pieces they’ve found! People just throw things away… this is so beautiful!
(I know I say that a lot, Ooohhh beautiful!)

 Here I think, is my greatest love. You know when you have a pair of funky shades? And then the arm breaks off because you accidentally sit on it or it gets squashed in your big messy bag? WELL. This genious lady, has invented something BRILLIANT. As you can see there are hanging hoops off of them, so you take the chain/string/or whatever, behind your ears INSTEAD of the arms, and they stay there because they are weighed down by the hoops, that look like earrings! They just look SO fabulous on! And none of them are the same! There all unique, and some of the earrings were GORGEOUS, with little sea horses… I HAVE to buy a pair.

I love wooden stuff.
They also sell Aloha shirts, (EXPENSIVE) out of unique materials and replicas, or famously used ones and they all have stories:) 
Then there are the cheaper T-shirts, which I love, I regret that I didn’t photograph more because she told me about it, and she’s just so clever, she hasn’t made them, they are already made, but she prints on TOP of them. So old T-shirts that are getting thrown out from other shops, or people donate away, she prints cool statements on top of them, even on top of ones that already have a print. But they are so cool.

 So old T-shirts that are getting thrown out from other shops, or people donate away, she prints cool statements on top of them, even on top of ones that already have a print. But they are so cool.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these dresses. And I WANT THEM ALL!
Just look at the kooky cute Hawaiian materials on these long sexy dresses!
Perfect for Luau’s and Pau Hana’s!
Here’s one of the Angels in the shop, and the mastermind, Deborah, showing me some amazing dresses!
JUST LOOK at this amazing print!
It was so funny, we were both thinking the same thing, if you went to a party wearing this dress, you could bring fabric colour pens and ask people to colour you in! HELLO! Coolness!
This lucky lady bought this sexy brand-spanking-new skirt that Deb had just finished. JEALOUS.
Look at this material I found on a really sexy/elegant/summery silky dress.
I love what they stand for and how they are so aware of their company’s impact on their surroundings and the community. CHECK THEIR WEBSITE AND BLOG OUT here;
I LOVED this, Ipad case or just a nice oversized purse.

If I could only get an Ipad…

This T-shirt, of SUCH soft material, perfect sleepy PJ’s Tee. 

This is what Deb calls a TISSUE HOLDER..! how cute! If you’re all sneezy you can keep your tissues in there, and at least you’ll feel happy when you see it, she said. Genius. Creative Genius. Loved her.
I got THREE! I thought I can also use it as a card holder. 

 PURSE!!! I adore this.

Annnnd Another Purse! 

Everytime you shop there, you get an individual and unique shopping bag, like this! I loved mine.
LOVE free stuff. 
So, shop till you drop, or just visit the shop 
and goggle at all the incredible things and ways they have reinvented fashion and house decor etc.
The Angels in there are so lovely, and I guarantee a great experience!

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  1. Me says:

    ELSKER ELSKER ELSKER – ta meg dit NÅ !!!!!!Den Ipad-veska…<3 Norsk mønster? Vil ha !!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to go go to Muumuu Heaven


  3. Aloha Jasmine. I met you at the shop while you were taking your photos. Yes, I agree, what an adorable and unique shop – owned by a wonderful Aussie! I am also an Aussie so I love to go there and support Deb's business and to lavish in the positive energy in the shop to keep my passion going and get my business moving…..faster! Nice pics, you've captured the essence very well. Safe travels. Vanessa Perez (www.henryhatshawaii.com)


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hi! I am so sorry I haven’t replied until now! Hopefully you can see that I replied. Are you still in Hawaii..? I ended up moving here! How is your business going? xxx


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