Ultimate Kickball/Getting Sloshedball

KICKBALL the Hawaiian way
Oi! Is that me trapped on a baseball field? Yes. Tell you why. It’s this crazy woman’s birthday
Sassy Sexy Sophia, and we celebrated it Ultimate kickball style, an annual tradition, that I was lucky enough to take part in. And document. I think this will become an important social document for the future… 
We’re all ready and dressed up, even the dogs are ready. Cute?

Sophia is CRAZY and ready

Cody is not ready, he feels that he needs to add something special to his clothing, as he hasn’t really dressed up, so we headed to the station to buy some pink bandanas! 

 Here are the official Kickball rules they must be followed or there will be severe consequences! 

 Foodage Drinkage and Creature comforts
 These guys are ready for some serious Kickball action
 Crazy VS. Ubercrazy
 Children of the Kicballution
 Am I holding a kickball? NO, a dog. Crazy Dogggz.
 It hasn’t even started and its already crazy.

                     Getting drinks ready, drinks in hand, ALWAYS during the game.

 Commentator with a broken leg. Ready to commentate. 
 Keeping score of the score
 The Birthday BOI, two birthday kids today.
 Ah, the embarrassment, one must wear the ugly Mu’uMu’u if one kicks a foul.

 Action! Throwing, kicking, running, drinking and……. MU’UMU’U action

 Nice pink legs

 Mu’uMu’u Change!
 Kickball face 1
 Kickball face 2
 Kickball face 3
 Happy Jasmin with cutest dogs 
 On a scale from 1-10 how cute….?
 If any disputes emerge… DRINK OFF!
 Happy Birthday girl
 Team Vagina Aina Hina’s… or something.

And finally, me sporting some Hawaiian fashion for winter 2012, this is the Sophia Jasmin collection, and it is available online only. We like to call this a cash yet perky look with an addition of rather unnecessary, as it is an evening attire, but yet highly appreciated sunglasses. What you see here is our boyfriend fit striped cash shorts, that are held up by our extremely popular leather belt from our belt line, FeatherLookinLeather. The white top is our ‘unintended sexiness’ white top that goes with everything, and shows just about enough cleavage to get you a ‘out of Mu’uMu’u jail free’ card. Over this top you see our colourful fruity AlohaExtremeShirt, Turquoise version, an extremely popular design worn by a lot of famous people including, Lindsay Lohan, Stella McCartney and Snooki. Then our fabulous ‘FauxFurDelilah’ Jacket in the colour ‘Moodly,Madly,Meedly’ that sits healthily on top of your light winter attire when the Hawaiian breeze sets in over the baseball field. As mentioned earlier, our fabulous shades ‘TuttiFruttiVisions’ is the cherry on top and adds a cool and refreshing zing. Underneath the hood is a pink bandana that is curtesy of Bandana Inc. 

Stay tuned for more Island fashion. 
Dash Tash.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. me says:

    I can see you are having a ball…eh, sorry, dog


  2. Mamsi says:

    Ser ut som ei skikkelig artig bursdagsfeiring, super-nusselige vovser ❤


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