St.Patrick’s day in a rainy downtown Honolulu

Went to my very first block party. And I found out that it’s not really my thing.

I got there all excited for St.Patrick’s day, with my two friends dressed in green.

I LOVE St.Patrick’s day, because for the last four years, I have celebrated it in London, which is an epic night.
When we got to Chinatown, the streets were absolutely packed. And we went to the end of Fort street (or Bethel…? Don’t remember) where the two Irish pub’s are, and of course, for yards and yards it was absolutely PACKED with green people.
EVERYWHERE there was a queue (line in american – yay, I’ve learnt something new!)

 Sexy saxplayer Lady.

 We had free tickets to a big afterparty… but I was already starting to think that I just wanted, more than anything to get my bum into an Irish pub.

 Awesome costumes!

 The big musc tent, it was pretty cool as long as the band was playing, but after that, it was just a long packed street, with overexpensive food and drink, RAINING.

 Megan bought a drink.

 Oh, great…. there is a Frecking HUGE line to get in to O’tooles! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO NAIVE!? To think that we would get in to ANY Irish pub?!

 Not even Murphy’s?! Dammit!.

Right. Let’s go home and watch ‘in Bruges’.

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