I’d rather be sailing…

I know my toe is messed up and I need to take it easy, but…
I’d rather be sailing…
So I shipped off at the marina by Ala Moana with my friends Cody, Sophia and Kimmy. It was a  party cruise by invitation only, so I didn’t really want to give this a miss.

 Weather was gorgeous and we were all in a sunny mood. People sippin their Corona’s and me my lovely American Sprite.

 I love Kimmy’s tattoos. 

 It took a while before we left the dock, because people were late, and the rules of safety and fun needed to be established. 

 Look how pretty Sophia looks ! 

 With a sky so blue and an ocean so turquoise there is no way this water creature can sit inside with her leg up. 
 Friends talking

 Sophia is always ready to pose!
 What a beautiful view.
 These guys are gonna get WET
 But then again… So did we. My phone too. It’s okay, I just can’t hear people when they call me.
 One gets hungry sailing.

 This was my favourite colour when I was a kid, after my first trip to Greece. I think it still is. I mean, I LOVE red… but LOOK AT THIS!!!! God.. what a painter.

 Sail on Silvergirl…
 Ai ai Captain Cody! Well, he wasn’t the captain, but he looks like a pirate here. The captain was French and wore a striped top and a skull scarf around his head. Not even lying.
It was a beautiful sail. My bandage got wet and I had to change it, but my toe survived. 
No regrets.


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