My Hawaiian heartbreak

My Hawaiian heartbreak

I flew away from paradise yesterday, and am now residing in the city of angels. I think I am undergoing some weird post-Hawaii-depression, because I have a constant lump in my throat. I recognise this feeling, which I had once before, yes sure after an amazing holiday to
Sicily or Greece two of my favourite holiday destinations in fantastic Europe, I have a post-holiday-downer where I find it hard to get on with life again… And I miss it.
But this, this is like the first time I left London… I was quite young and I remember crying the whole way to the airport, the whole plane ride, and for days after I was heartbroken. I had always wanted to go to London, and I was not disappointed, just like I thought, a place where I belonged, where I could be myself and explore my creative mind surrounded by creativity. I also wanted to venture to Hawai’i since I was the youngest member of the Norwegian official Elvis fan clubs bimonthly magazine, where there were articles and photos of Elvis. My favourite photos and stories where from his early days in Memphis, and his trips to Hawaii.
After living and working in Honolulu, I am spellbound once again, and I feel like I am going through a breakup. I don’t want to sound silly, but it’s true! I can’t listen to any of the music that reminds me of it, I can’t think back on it at all. Everytime a memory comes up, I have to push it away in order not to start crying. Arriving in LA at the youth hostel last night, I was shaking, I was struggling to keep myself together. It didn’t really hit me until I arrived. On my way to the airport I was just focused on travel and stressed about luggage and stuff, and during the flight I slept a lot. I had to turn on the Ricky Gervais podcast to keep my mind busy, and as soon as I had put my stuff down in my room, I ran (well limped with my toe) downstairs to email people… and I had already received 8 emails! That jerked a tear, but I had to be tough, as I was around about 20 other people.
Sorry about the LONG post, but I think I needed to vent.
Basically, my list of things to do in Hawaii before I left, wasn’t as successful as it could have been, were it not for my DAMN TOE! This is how it went;

  • Go on a hike
Well, my toe prevented me to go on the hikes my friend had planned for me, as I can’t really put much pressure on the toe… 😦 Upsetting.
  • Sleep outdoors for one night
This was planned along with the hike. So this didn’t happen either. Bummer.
  • See Annie’s house
KAILUA!!! What a beautiful place! 🙂
  • Karaoke at Sansei’s
No time.
  • Eat at Side street Inn
  • Surf
I was at the beach… ready to roll… but then… I lost motivation. And because of that, I lost my chance. Regret? YES. I thought Id be able to do it another day, but no…
  • Go Snorkelling

  • Sneak in to the hotel hot-tubs
  • BBQ on the beach
BBQ but not on the beach.
  • Do the Garathon with Dezmond
Did not happen. how sad!!!
  • Get Lei’d
Oooh yeah!
  • Buy an Hawaiian dress
  • Go Salsa
No. Toe problem again. And I even found the perfect shoes.. man.
  • Go North Shore
No. That is truly tragic.
  • Go on a moonlight swim…

So long for now. 
And Bye bye Hawai’i 😦 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, that means you just have to go back :)And till then, treasure the good memories ❤


  2. jtsoles says:

    Return for more someday and we shall finish the list!


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