I have travelled the world.. and tried all the hats they offer
(in Disney)
Hola! From Mexico 
Happy with my Sombrero
CHAI SEN! I don’t know how you say it or spell it but..

I totally went to China and tried on a straw Coolie hat
And to France I went, hoh hoh hoh, baguette! 

Lookin good in the French Beret
Cooked some Ratatouille with this awesome French Toque hat
Totally hung out in Germany with my football hat.
Then I went over to the countryside and looked at some clocks wearing a gray Bavarian hat
In Africa I jammed on the drums wearing a weird straw hat. 
In Canada me and Melissa tried on some Coonskin caps
And a CoonHEAD and moose hat
In England there wasn’t much on offer other than this;
Where is the flatcap? Hmm… Well, this Guinnes hat’s alright.
Went to Marocco and tried on this fez.
And this sexy arabian headdress.

 And finally, to NORWAY for playtime with the viking helmet!


One Comment Add yours

  1. me says:

    I would LOOOVE a head-dress :)) Sooo coool


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