TV world…

Greetings from a happy hotel resident

 Today I had a crazy day.
Tomorrow is going to be no different. I don’t know HOW I’m going to do this… I mean… I have the training that one needs for performance. But… It’s just  SO bizarre, that I am going on stage tomorrow, infront of loads of cameras, and performing, ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ in high heels, and that it’s going to be aired on a saturday in May.

I stepped in to the studio today, followed by three lovely women who took incredibly good care of me, and I am gobsmacked by the largeness and grandeur of the studio! It is GORGEOUS! So the vocal coach goes through the song with me and it just dawns on me… MAN…. I gotta keep it together.

They fixed me up with a seat in the studio of the recording of one of my favourite Norwegian shows, which is a sort of late night talk show. It’s called ‘Senkveld med Thomas og Harald’ and tonight one of my favourite Norwegian musicians were there, Sondre Lerche, who so brilliantly scored the movie ‘Dan in Real life’ and have slammed out some great tunes. That soundet kinda hip hop. He’s not hip hop at all. That’s him looking hot drinking from the mug. Ohh… how I wish I was that mug… Mmm..yes… drink from me… yeah… you like that? I’m a good mug aren’t I? YEAH! That’s right.

 Had a geeky photo with the fabulous hosts. They are just… tha bomb. So frickin cool, genuine and funny. I am a mahoosive fan. Look how silly I look. Haha. And the funny comedian they have in their show. Once again a picture of me surrounded by handsome talented men… lovin it.

 NOW…. I’m at the hotel. I have luxury items in front of me and I’m feeling pretty good. But next to me on the bedside table there are two high heeled devils sparkling at me, and they are freaking me out.

Of course there is an AWESOME grand stair that I am probably walking down DURING singing tomorrow, and doing that in heels is indeed an art. I tried today. Hah. Well… I can tell you, I did NOT look like Marilyn Monroe. 
But I’m gonna give it my all tomorrow. It’s exciting. It’s cool. I have this awesome band playing just for me, my dear family is there to cheer me on, and… well, the nation is going to see it.. AAAAAAAHHH! That’s the scary bit. I think I’m this nervous because I want to be really good. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself, because after all, this is what I do. Hah. Silly billy. Ah come on Jasmin, get a grip. It’s ALL about having fun. 
And I’m sure it will be. Now… to to the gym to psyche myself up to tomorrows task, and to possibly burn off those FOUR FRICKIN chocolate eggs I’ve eaten.. yeah. Without feeling nauseous. I’m TOTALLY not a gym person, but I’m gonna waltz in there and fake it. 


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