Seeing Keane

 On our way to Nydalen to sit as  audience during the recording of ‘Senkveld med Thomas og Harald’ on TV2, my niece enjoys a baguette and we talk through the thrill of seeing this band, one of our favourite bands perform live.

 Seeing the stage set up for them to perform a song from their new and highly anticipated album ‘Strangeland’ gave me such exhilarating feelings that I felt 16 again….

My niece went to the toilet, and as she walked out of the door of the studio, I looked around at the audience, and tried to spot Keane fans. This event wasn’t announced very publicly and I was lucky enough to get some comp. tickets through friendly connections. And as I was looking around, i sensed… They were right through the door. And sure enough, as I walked outside pretending to have to go to the toilet, they were standing there, just chatting, just amongst a channel press photographer and their tour manager. I walked hastily to the toilets tensing my whole body, but they were all occupied and I had to go back. As I walked closer and closer, that familiar feeling came back, and I knew I didn’t have the guts to say a word. They turned and saw me, then kept talking, and I…. Had NO chance what so ever to even say ‘Hi, god, I’m a big fan… looking forward to hearing you play’ Noooooo. Not at all. I’m not really the star struck kind… (You would think so if you read my blogs) but the truth is I’m not, but with Keane… I have loved this band with such great passion since my early teens, and still have a weakness
for these talented men. I smiled and entered back into the studio and thought, if I ever am to talk to them I will have a proper conversation, behave like a normal human being and not a crazed wobbly fan giggling and drooling away… Haha. And I will rationally announce my fondness of their music and lyrics.

 Tom was fantastic and performed ‘Silenced by the night’ perfectly, and they were off. I was disappointed, having hoped they would have to do two takes, but of course not. They are very professional.

 The hosts entered the stage and did their talks, as they do when the credits come up at the end of the show, a great talk show I have been watching since I was a kid.

 Keane has been there before and the hosts announced themselves to be diehard fans.

 Very excited to hear their new album, have waited a long time now. Funny, three of my all time favourite artists has kept it quiet for years, and are now ALL coming out with new albums and touring around… I hope to catch them all, Keane, The Shins and Yann Tiersen.

 Fun fact; some guy infront of me asked one of the crew members, ‘Do you know if that was playback or..?’ I tutted and said ‘Eh… NO!’ And the crew member laughed and said, ‘No, she’s right, that was live.’ And the guy said; ‘Oh, wow, he sang it…’ And the crew member interrupted; ‘Perfectly, yeah I know. They’re great.’

Clearly they understood that I was a maniac. Haven’t seen Keane live for three years…! THREE YEARS! Cannot wait to see a whole concert again. There’s nothing quite like it. Here’s their performance:

 Hear the shouts at the end, I’m the highest shouter by FAR. Haha. High pitched and loud. Good technique.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just wait until you´re so famous that they´ll come over and wanna say hi to you!! It will happen! 🙂 -Megan


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