Manc town penthouse

 Visiting old friends is fun
Especially when their apartment is a lovely cozy nest with a welcoming feeling
drinking cups of tea
 Watching telly is a luxury
with Sky
I want Sky
I want a nice apartment with a telly
 My lovely friends are in my Mac club
we all love Apple
Look at our lovely Macs! 
Look at their beautiful faces
 Chris is more than just a pretty face
Chris is a little genius
He was born to early
He really belongs to the future
But man does he know how to make a good brew
lovely Chris made tea
 Gemma is more than just a pretty face
She is a little funster
a talented weirdo with good healthy habits
of eating chocolate cream cheese
She is slowly climbing the ladder of success 
with full intentions of reaching the stars
 Gemma has to go to work
a soulkilling nine to five
but the bills must be paid for the lovely love shack
and she makes herself nice and pretty
What a morning person
 Chris is not a morning bird
we Tweet all night and get up late
he makes me a lovely breakfast tea
and hides behind the pillow
He jumps in the shower 
And I use their superspeed internet
Looking out on Manchester city
on a sunny afternoon
Dont worry Manc town, 
Im coming out to see you soon
Keep on smiling.

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