Family Matters

 Getting together with family is great, especially as I don’t see them as often as I’d like to when I travel around and live in different countries. 
So proud of this gang
Key member of the family… Tigern. Our lovely cat, who’s fat and happy. He’s getting on though and I can tell he’s lost weight… It’ worrying me. Ohhhh Tig! I love him so much. I grew up with that lazy bastard. Look how cute.
Visiting our beloved
 Mmm… Strawberry love. 
My little nephew Gabriel took this picture. I taught him to use my camera. Good no?
Good to be with this crazy bunch. Gotta enjoy all the time we have together, my grandmother is getting old, so is my cat. Although they are strong and chipper and have quite some time left, they won’t be here forever. No one will. Obviously. But we have each other now. 
Probably the most personal blog I’ve ever posted. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I miss you guys!!! 🙂 -Megan


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