Talented Nephew

 My nephew is a very talented boy. When I’m home I always come along to football games and his gymnastic rehearsals and he’s starting to take piano lessons now too.

 The Soccer mom
 Daddy coach
 The talent

 He’s the topscorer on his team and he is great to watch. He’s a modest player in that he gives up a little bit too easy. When someone tackles him, he goes all the way, but he’s not aggressive enough. But when he gets the ball he’s a fast runner and he’s very good with the ball. 

 Looks like he’s twisted his arm.

 He’s getting better since the last time I saw him, and I love watching. Feel really proud. I guess every team has their little star, but that sure must mean something? I mean, I think he could really go pro if he keeps this up. Just hope he doesn’t get an injury. 

 The coaches sitting down with the Varteig boys, another game lost and no goals this time. But they seem alot better since last time. The coach wants to squeeze in another days training a week, but that’ll sadly have to wait. 

 Lars is not a happy coach. But I say well done. 

 Sporty looking mama not happy either. Neither is little Emmi.

 Gabriel was always really strong, since he was a little baby and climbed out of the crib at a disturbingly early age. He’s a little monkey.

 He is so strong and flexible, and I think it’s really great that he’s doing gymnastics. He’s going to train his body so well. 

 Look at him. He used to be a noisy lump of energy, but he’s calmed down alot and he’s still full of tireless energy, but he’s calmer, gathered, polite and humble. So proud.

I’m so happy he’s taking piano lessons, I’ll encourage him to continue as long as he can, I know every musician hits a spot where they want to give up, and 99% of the time they regret it if they do. 

Can’t wait to see what this little cutie can do. His imagination is wild and he lives in a different world to us… Reminds me of someone. 


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