Building up to Norway day

For the first time in four years I am spending Norway day, the 17th. of May in Norway again.

Last year and the years before I spent it with my friends at Rose Bruford College, where every year, the Norwegian students get together and do a parade across campus, and all the other students don’t understand what the hell is going on.

My friends that I lived with would celebrate it with me, painting the Norwegian flag on their faces, dress up in a ballgown (even Ben did it), listen to the National anthem and the Eurovision winner song (Fairytale -by Alexander Rybak) and we could cook ‘Fiskeboller’ or “Fisballs” in white sauce with potatoes and carrots… Mmmm… Lovely. then we would have a lovely dinner all together.

Another year I spent it with my housemate/best friend and another good friend watching The Flight of the Conchords, which was AMAZING. A really good way of spending it.

I was so happy, and it was a hilarious gig, and I still managed to squeeze in a dinner eating fishballs.

Then last year I spent it at Southwark park, which is where all the Norwegian Londoners get together and do a traditional parade with a marching band and the whole shabang. It was great and I really want to do it again. 

 There is traditional food and music, just a shame it was kind of badly organised. But that will probably improve. It’s so fun to see all the Norwegians strutting about in their national costumes.

Mmmmm… SAUSAGE! Norwegian pølser. Og Solo. A very good Orange fizzy drink from Norge.

In the evening, the Norwegians gather in Covent garden for a real party, which is a good time, and its fun because you end up meeting everyone you know.

The drunken Norwegians were singing the national anthem over and over and I just felt embarrassed. Haha. I didn’t stay for long as they were displaying Norways bad drinking culture.

This year I might be working in a bar, at least I’ll be able to see my nephews in the parade, but I don’t know whether I get to join in on the festivities. I kinda hope so, but I really need money. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    You look very nice In your outfit. Is it a national holiday? Celebrating?jr


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