17. mai er vi så gla´i.

Norway day in Norway (again after 4 years)
Here I am, ready for Norway day, 17th. of may in my home town Sarpsborg.
Haven’t celebrated Norway day in Norway for four years, so I was a little over excited.
It started good, with my mums Norway day cake for breakfast and celebrations on TV.
Sadly I slept through the parade so I didn’t get to watch the children and Russ parade through town with the marching bands. I really regret it.
Every year all the kids from all the schools in town gather with the marching bands and parade through town with flags and singing. 
Here are some ‘twirling girls’ or drill girls as we call them, they always walk ahead of the marching band. I remember walking in the parades, I used to love it. 

 Ice cream is a big part of Norway day, and it’s one of the highlights for the kids. Obviously one can eat ice cream on any other day, but on Norway day, you can eat as MANY as you WANT! 

They always do the same round, every year.  
 By the memorial.

Then the Russ* do their parade, showing off their cars and fleets, having partied for 17 days straight, this is their last day.

*Russ is students that have finished their three years of high school, about to embark University, they have an exam period in late may/june, and from the 1st. of may to the 17th, they party everyday, wearing the same clothes, different colour depending on the course they went, (most common is red) driving in their cars, doing bizarre stunts and having fun.

Both the children’s parade and the Russe parade end up in the same place in town, by the stage in the park Kulås. Then there’s a gathering of people, people sing and listen to speeches.

When I got to town I loved the sight of people wearing their Bunad (Norwegian  national costumes, different designs in different areas of the country), celebrating the constitutional day in  town with the fair, the rides and the games.

There is NOTHING as hot as a man wearing his Bunad…
But as this stylish man displays, one does not have to wear a Bunad to look swanky!
Eh old Bear?

You see the flag everywhere, on every house, every car, building, strollers, zimmer frames, literally everyone has a flag with them, or they wear a ribbon.
I didn’t bring  a flag this
year, but I didn’t need to…

Kids having fun.

Went to a Norway day dinner and met with family and friends. 

You don’t see people looking like this everyday.

Lars showing of the traditional dinner; ‘Lapskaus’ -a kind of stew, made by Sigrid, (Lars’ mum and the host)

My sister looking fly in her white outfit, and her pearl collar necklace.

Nice table decorations by Sigrid. 

Then off I pop for a visit to my grandmother. Mum and I sharing a bit of cake and hugs.

Then I met up with some good ol’ friends for chats and Partayy.

Melissa is back from Florida !!!!! Woop woop!

I’m not gonna lie, there’s not much to brag about when it came to the parties in the evening, I have barely any friends home, so I wasn’t invited to any private parties, and barely anybody were out, because they had work the next day, so it was Shite. London last year was WAY better. 

Anyway, happy belated Norway day from me, see you next year.

And as a special treat for the Norway day (that passed), I have shared an interview with my grandmother, talking about growing up during WW2 in Norway, (well, part one of it)

Very proud to get her amazing stories out there, she is awesome.


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