Jessie Cave the Industrious.

Many years ago, I saw a casting call online for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” for the part of Lavender Brown, and I travelled from Norway to London to audition. I had just been accepted to Rose Bruford College, and was just a few months away from becoming a London resident.  I had been a diehard Harry Potter fan all my life, and got up at five in the morning got to the gate by the queue, only to be turned around because I wasn’t a British or Irish Citizen. Great. Well, that was shit. Anyway, I started at Rose Bruford and was super excited for the opening night in 2009, when Jessie Cave appeared and just like all the other lucky and talented young people of the Harry Potter cast, became world famous.

Now what sets Jessie apart from the others, is how she has utilised her assets. Undeniably, the cast of Harry Potter are all very lucky, well paid and famous, and what I’ve always loved about them is that they all seem so grateful and humble. But Jessie is more than that, she is clever. REALLY clever. I’m sure plenty of the cast were getting interest from Hollywood and West End, but Jessie Cave came home after a rather disturbing experience, stating that she didn’t feel like she belong there, and showed an attitude of not giving a crap. LOVE IT. She is MORE than that, and when people are calling you FAT when you’re Jessie’s size, get the HELL out of there.

She is a creative genius, and has, in my opinion, done everything right.

Jessie has many talents, especially creative, illustrations, writing, clothes design and of course acting, and she started a website that she uses as a platform for everything she does.
– She sells lovely pieces of clothing that has own design, (I bought one myself, couldn’t resist, and now my mom wants one too.)
-She blogs about her everyday life, her projects and prospects, which is a joy for all fans to read.
-There’s a direct link to her Twitter, where she has 33 965 followers and tweets daily delights.
-A display of her mental collection of clothes and bits & bobs.
-Her video’s have a home their too, and are divided into the different mini-series she does and the one-offs.

Visit: for fun things.

Her videos is really what got me hooked, and after randomly stumbling over an article about her, that noted her videos, I checked them out and got totally hooked on her mini-series ‘Flat Whites’

They were so funny, weird and good that I watched them ALL, while I was in Hawaii. HAWAII! I could have spent lovely sunny hours outside, but I couldn’t stop watching them until I had watched them ALL.
Then I started watching her other series, IKEA girl and the hilarious Royals.

Jessie writes in an improvised style, and the female characters are tragi/comical and presented in an unusual way. I love the way they are all failures. They’re pathetic. It’s unflattering. It’s harsh. It’s sad. It’s hysterical. It’s cringy. An example to her snappy dialogue writing and cringe humour is this video;

And one of my favourite video, featuring Alfie Enoch, another castmember of Harry Potter,

Here Alfie blew my mind, and I think proved a lot of talent to the unknowing, and I hear his acting career post-potter is going really well.

Jessie has showcased her acting skills, her comedic side and her great writing, but also more than anything, helped showcase her friends, and people she wants to promote. The world has been presented with the lovely singing voice of her sister Bebe Cave,

who plays the ukulele and sings beautifully. And she has taken it upon herself to promote the Stand-up comedian Simon Amstell, as he confesses to be shite at networking and promoting himself online.

She is creating work for herself, and her friends, she is being proactive, she is creating, and she is working hard with all her project, now recently it being her Edinburg Fringe piece ‘Bookworm’, which is a one-woman show, which she is previewing in London before she does her thing in Edinburg. The brilliant business woman as she is,
 she has brilliantly enough promoted the piece by making promotional videos that show her process, and creates anticipation around the show.
You can get tickets for the preview for £5 here;

I’ve always thought that if I had money, if I had a voice, I would start my own production company, help out my friends, promote them, create my own pieces, videos, movies, and this is exactly what she is doing, she is doing things that are NOT giving her money, that gives her the creative freedom, and she has also been clever enough to start a business that brings in the dough. She invested. And she is getting her name and face out there, with DIGNITY.

This is an artist we will see more of, as a writer/actress/director, who knows? I recently saw her do a stunning performance in ‘Mary Rose’

and I know she will get far. But she is not compromising her personality, her appearance, and she is not selling herself out. This is a young woman to look up to!
A real role model for young actresses, artists and just for young women in general.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Jessie. I have been a fan of hers since she was announced as Lavender. She is just so beautiful. ❤


  2. Yeah she's great 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for sharing.


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