Sunshine Springtime Summery Funtime


And it’s proper spring with sun and all that.
It’s super sunny in Sarpsborg, actually currently the hottest in Europe, beating Spain and Greece etc. So people are enjoying the sunshine sitting outside drinking their drinks talking their smalltown talk, gathering around our beach spots.

Sarpsborg Shore. My idea of a Jersey Shore spin-of but based on the teens of Sarpsborg, yes, they are a particular breed, especially the ones that hang around this area. 
As much as I am enjoying the lovely weather here, I do miss the springtime funtimes I have had in England over the past few years. I love it when spring gets real hot, and one can get out ones shades, summery dresses and lovely flowers.
I’m definately a happier person in the sunshine. Even when I’m too lazy and I can’t be bothered to go outside. When it’s too hot, I NEED WATER. I need to be able to jump in to water, or I panic and get all claustrophobic. Or lazy. Haha.
Springtime means ICE CREAM!

Playing in the water

 Funtime outdoors activities, such as… BOUNCY CASTLE!!! And garden parties!

And most importantly… BARBECUES! BBQ’s BBQ’s BBQ’s… and more BBQ’s.


I love my pork chops man, gotta season them right. With Special blend for Pork, and salt.

Keep your sausages and Veggieburgers to yourself… I want PORK!

Chicken’s pretty good too! 
Can’t wait for full-on Summer! 🙂 Have a good springtime, hope it’s sunny wherever you are, London, Hawaii, Poland or Canada… Have a good time. BBQ!

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