Sunny days in Sarpsborg

 I’ts been very hot here in Sarpsborg lately, and I hear it is very hot in England too, congrats by the way, on the game. I knew Norway would loose. Anyway, weather is lovely and it comes with benefits. For the past two weeks I’ve been acting as you can see above. Very talented. I’m shutting her up so that I can speak more. It was a City-Wandering play. Yeah. 

 Also helped out some friends with a show they did, a musical concert, very talented people above here singing the well known and loved songs of the Musical theatre world.

Ann-Christin here has played many a great lead role in the biggest musicals in Berlin. She was stunning that evening.

 Now back to the benefits I was talking about, I’ve been helping out Mormor (grandmother on mama’s side) with some house work, and eating lovely picnics and ice cream on the patio.

 Watching my nephew kick ass on the grass. Never get sick of that. And now I am officially the best cheerer, so the parents of Varteig fotball klubb keep asking for me, and I am known for my loud voice, and nicknames for the boys (I can’t remember all their names, I mean come on) and for not being embarrassed to shout loudly and show enthusiasm. No problem Varteig. But they still keep loosing.

 The ladies step out in their summery dresses. My mum wears these pants anytime though. She don’t care. 

 Ahh… Playing with the water spray, (that’s what Google translate told me it was called) good memories from when I was little. It was the saviour for us kids that didn’t have our own paddling pools. Emmi having fun getting wet here. 

 Ice creeeeeeam! 

Sitting outside with friends, Jørgen, Morten og Richard that sadly don’t live here. (Why would they?) but it was nice that we all gathered, (we had a BBQ the day before) and then some of us the night after shalabammed out on the town with Elisabeth. Good times. Hope we can all get together at some point of the summer once more. 



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