Kardemomme by in Sarpsborg

Back to doing theatre again!
During the Sarpsborg Smålendsmarken, I took part of a little production of Kardemomme by, a very famous Norwegian childrens story, written by the famous playwright, author and composer Thorbjørn Egner, which is one of his most famous work.

 It was an outdoor production, produced by Knut Erik Rønne and a little company of people. 

Nice being back at Borgarsyssel Museum, which is a wonderful place with historical buildings, a petting zoo for the kids, ruins and old artifacts, and in fact, the first place I did outdoor theatre. 

Its been the venue for many plays, including the traditional “Sverdet” or “The sword” Which tells the ancient story of Olav Haraldson, a Viking king in Norway, and Sarpsborg. 

The event we were doing the shows for, was a two-day kinf of fair/fete with traditional music, activities, viking stuff, tractor exhibitions (I LOVE TRACTORS), bunny jumping, weaving and other hand crafts. 

It was lovely doing this play, one of the most played plays in Norway, and a well known story with well known characters for the kids. They even know most of the songs, and I remembered them from my childhood, so it was an honour to be a part of telling it to a new generation. We even had our own little tram that we dragged around the park!
It was a good group of people, we only got to do a few weeks rehearsal, but it was fun packed and lovely. 

I worked with Knut Erik for the first time professionally, he is the brother of a very good friend of mine, and after a few new years parties together, we are good chums as well. He is so great to work with, and incredibly patient with the kids. It was a luxury to have mics, something that I havent had for years, during the three years of training and the time after. But outdoors with hundreds of kids shouting about and singing along, it was quite necessary.

It was weird working with actors I had worked with before, before I trained, when I was alot younger. It was great seeing them again, but our relationships had changed so much now.

They are such a tight knit family of local theatre people with years of experience, and I remember growing up seeing them in plays and the newspapers, and it was weird coming along and joining in, but this particular group welcomed me warmly and it was all very nice.

The theatre world of Sarpsbor, Halden and Fredrikstad is small, and we often borrow actors from each other, and everyone knows everyone, and their names are all known. I came in as a complete stranger, not everyone remembered me from the outdoor play I did years ago, after all I was only a supporting actress with one line, something like Washer woman 1 or something. And nobody knew who I was or what I had done before. 

Ive been lucky that Knut Erik has involved me in to this, if he hadn´t I never wouldve gotten involved in this group. Apparently he had said nice things about me, and introduced me nicely to everyone. A few weeks ago, we did that city – wandering play that he wrote, and Ive gotten asked to do more. 
It was nice doing theatre again, and socialising, after weeks, over a month of sitting on my ass, going online and stressing about not getting a job interview. All in one week I got asked to do lots of theatre, AND I got a hotel night receptionist job! SLAM! And Im back in the game…!

I havent acted for a while either, so it was fun having bits to do. I had two songs as well, one of them I remember having fond memories of from my childhood. I played the character “Trikkefører Syversen” Which is the tram conductor who during the town fete entertains the citizens of Kardemomme by singing and dressing up as “Kaptein Sortebill” one of my all time favourite Thorbjørn Egner songs (Not actually in the play, but its such a great song, so why not cheat it in)

 The show was a success, with huge audiences on each show, and happy kids watching, including my nephews. This week Ive been working as Knut Eriks assistant Director on the historical play “Alle tiders Hafslund” that is going to be performed on the rather huge event of the 250years jubilee of Hafslund hovedgård (manor) in Sarpsborg. 

The most poetic thing about the Kardemomme by story, is the law that the police officer, Politimester Bastian has written, is the Kardemomme law.
Our family has had it framed for years, since we visited the original town in Kristiansand (an amazing tourist attraction)
And it reads;

“One should not bother others, one should be nice and kind, and other than that, one can do as one pleases.”

Basically. What a nice rule eh?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay! You got work and having fun! So happy for you!jr


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