Showtime tomorrow!

Pimping it up with a lovely fur an peacock earrings, after all, I am the assistant director. The lovely actors have brought me Coca Cola and a new type of chocolate everyday, and I am getting spoiled with all this brown-nosing. 

 But how can one say no? We did the dress rehearsal today, and tried it all with sound today, I was supposed to sit and que with the sound desk, but we simply didn’t have enough people backstage, so I had to help out. 

We have a HUGE stage to fill, and I didn’t get to see anything from the audiene, but it was being filmed with five cameras and screened, so I could see some things, and it is getting on rather nicely! Knut Erik and I felt a lot happier today after the days sessions than last night.

It was a bit of a nightmare having to organise all the costumes, and props, we haven’t had much time, and the sound guys didn’t have any mic bags, so we had to take the mics of every time they made costume changes, and that is OFTEN. So the costume lady has to make 13 mic bags for tomorrow. I’m glad I’m not her!

It’s kind of a shame that we’re only doing one friggin performance. After gathering and making all these fabulous costumes. 

 And props. All this rehearsal and stress for ONE show. The song/dance I choreographed looked really good today, and I am proud! I was pretty ambitious with it, because none of the other songs really have much room for it, and I thought we needed at least one big number.

 We have a little band that play with us, and it was great getting to do it in the space, OUTDOORS on a fucking huge stage, there’s going to be SO many people watching, and there’ll be cameras everywhere, even on stage, so it’s a challenge, but I’m really excited.

The kids have been amazing, we’ve had to be strict with them, and there’s always a lot of waiting around and stressed angry adults, but they’ve done fantastically. They are a bunch of talented kids, but then again, they are lucky. I feel that I communicate pretty well with them, and I’ve established a good working relationship with them all. 
We’ll see how it goes tomorrow! Excited! 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go, Jasmin! You really look like you're having a ball!jr


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