Hafslund 250 year jubilee


The 250 year jubilee of Hafslund Hovedgård last saturday was a success, and the park was filled with 15 000 people! 

 The kids were super excited, but they were quite disciplined and they listened when I told them to focus and be professional. 

They were all excited because Vinni, a Rapper from Norway was coming to the show, and Donkeyboy, a popular Norwegian Popband. 

The park was being prepped and luckily the weather improved from the morning to the afternoon  and people started trickling in.

 We had some rehearsal time on stage, and got to grasp the vastness of it, and test the sound again. 

There were three rails of beautiful and old costumes to organise, and the panic about the quick clothing changes became more of a reality.


While we were in the dressing rooms and conference rooms, outside the stands were being put up and all sorts of activities and fun things were going on. It was an amazing arrangement, something the town really needed, and all for free!
A photo opportunity that I sadly missed.
There were all sorts of treats and food for sale, but for all the artists and employees there was a huge tent with free drink, food, waffles, sausage and ice cream. Yeah that’s right. 
I had a great time, and was extremely excited about the show. I actually felt rather glad that I wasn’t going on stage. It was a different fun excitement of being a part of the creation, and helping out with the practical things.
Fun wigs!

 Just some helpful notes from the author of the play, Benedict and we were ready to go back to the rehearsal room for a breather. 

While Vinni was playing we carried all the costumes and props to the back of the huge stage and got ready.

 Lovely atmosphere and huge excitement over the fact that we had a massive audience. 

 A smoke machine worthy of any rockstar.

 Kids getting extremely excited backstage. Standing in front of Donkeyboy’s drum set. 

 Annoyed looking old man in the park. Look at the beautiful alley of trees! Hafslund Hovedgard park is my favourite place in Sarpsborg. So beautiful Reminds me of England.

 Donkeyboy did a good gig. They were pretty good live.

But then again, so were we!

I didn’t get to spend any time q’ing the soundguy, as they needed all the help they could get backstage, making sure the kids ran out at the right time, helping people change in to their costumes etc. It was chaos, but it went alright, except the one scene when the kids forgot to go onstage. The only time I wasn’t paying attention because I was busy changing the actresses dress. The two actors saved it though by improvising, until Rebekka came from the stage and shouted for them to come… that was rather embarrassing. But it wasn’t all together my fault. But all in all the play was a success. 

We’ve also been asked to do Kardemomme by in Fredrikstad at a farm for this St.Hans event… we’re getting paid! Which is great. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Woohoo! Going on tour! Congrats!


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