Banana Chocolate Cupcakes

Today I tried out something funky just because I really felt like Banana chocolate cupcakes, and I couldn’t find a recipe, so I made my own one! Here it is.

THIS AINT SOME GOOD LOOKIN’ FABULOUZ Cupcake  With that huge beautifully whipped Shizzle on top with sprinkles and shiny ponies and rainbows, it’s plain old simple ugly homemade cupcake/muffins.


2 eggs
1 1/1 cup sugar
2 3/4 cup flour
50g melted butter
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder
1 banana
Cocoa powder

Marie biscuits or similar biscuits the size of muffins

For Glazing: (My improvised version)
Nugatti or your favorite chocolate toppings
Cottage cheese
powdered sugar with chocolate flavour
Heat the oven to 175 ° 
Start by heating the oven. 

Beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. 

Mix the baking powder in the flour and be careful when you mix it into the egg mixture. Add the margarine and orange milk. (1DL mixed milk and orange juice).

Stir until dough is well mixed, and start cutting a 3/4 of the banana into cubes or pieces and stir them together with the dough. Put in the vanilla powder, and two teaspoons of cocoa powder and stir together. ( I chose two teaspoons, because I wanted a lighter chocolate flavour, for more chocolate and darker cupcakes, MORE cocoa powder.. Obv.)

Create and fill the muffin molds-

( I dunno what you call them, some people have those ready made cupcake thingys that you just butter up and put the dough in, but I have the old paper thingys, so I put two of them inside each other so that they stay firm)

-and then you fill them slightly less than half full, put up in a marie biscuit, and pour in more dough to cover the cone. Put muffins in the oven and watch over the while basking in the heat for about 15 minutes.

While they cook, theres a lotta washing up needing to be done!

And then you make the glaze, you can use your own favorite icing, but I used what I had and it was really delicious with powdered sugar and chocolate flavor, which I then poured a tiny bit of milk, and mixed in a teaspoon of cottage cheese and a tablespoon Nugatti. (My favorite chocolate and nut toppings.) I mixed it together, and smeared on the muffins when they had cooled down a bit, and I put a slice of banana on top for decoration.

 Here they are, hot out of the oven. Can you see the lovely banana chunks? Now these aren’t very chocolaty, they could be darker, but I didn’t want too much chocolate, but if you want them darker and more chocolaty, just put more cocoa powder in.

Put the glazing on, which gives the extra zing! to the cupcake.

 Here they are, all done. I had two more, but I ate them, so this is about as many you will get with this recipe, + 2 more. 

 This is what it looks like inside when you’ve taken a bite, see the banana chunks? And the Marie biscuit? mmmm… Then the top and the lovely glaze and an extra banana.

Comment below if you try this, or if you find a better Banana chocolate Cupcake recipe, I haven’t found ANY yet, so I Really want to, because I am a fan, but I hope this helps if you get the cravings. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty good taste, have to be eaten right away, banana goes brown ha ha ..


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