Hotel World

Welcome to Jasmins hotel world.

 This is Karianne, the lovely lady who did my night receptionist training, and my first hotel friend. We had some good nights doing good work, going through the check list, locking doors, answering phones, watching 2 Broke Girls, watching Girls, making waffles and dancing behind the counter to good old swing tunes.

 I finally got my uniform, it didn’t take our lovely receptionist manager long to get me one, and I felt uber cool when I put it on. Look at that sassy little scarf! Hello, Quality Hotel Sarpsborg, You are speaking to the Reception, this is Jasmin!

The night can be long and quiet, or it can be a crazy chaotic nightmare, and you’ve gotta be prepared for anything. Me and Karianne were lucky with our days together, and got to spend the time talking to our lovely guests, giving away waffles, dreaming about holidays and checking out the different Quality and Choice hotels around the globe. 

Got my badge on tonight, and it is my first night alone. It’s been quiet so far and I’ve already done most of the checklist that I can do before the night mode. At 4 o clock the system does a churn and after about 20minutes I have to restart the system and start doing the rest of the stuff. There’s alot of paperwork, reports, emails, forms, money, key coding and things to be done. Fingers crossed that my first night will be a quiet one.

Right now me and my mum are sitting in our uniforms at our separate hotels in Sarpsborg, watching over the many slumbering guests.

Jas. The Night Receptionist. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karianne says:

    Aaawh Jasmine! Sweetiepie! I miss working with you ❤ -Karianne


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