Tractor L♥ve

Do you know how much I love tractors? I love them a LOT. Just look at them, they are magnificent. From the 19th century, developed from smaller steamed engines that could carry or drag carriages and ploughs as effective and as powerful as a horse, an ironhorse, this is an animal of a vehicle. The trusted best friend of farmers, Tractor. You can drive a tractor when you are 16 years old, and you can get tractors that run quite fast, you can get a lovely fat funster with huge wheels and a great stereo system inside the box that you can rock on to while you bump along on their lovely comfortable seats. 

I would love a tractor, obviously it’s not very handy when you live in London, Sarpsborg or Honolulu, but maybe one day when I settle down in the English countryside I can get a lovely big blue (Not Ford) tractor with huge wheels, maybe even double back wheels. Mmmm..

But that is all in the future, now let me take you fellow tractor lovers back to the past and show you some lovely vintage tractors, some real old steel, some lovely iron horses.

 This is a lovely green Deutz tractor, with lovely red wheels 

and some lovely details.

look at this sexy round bum. The old seat is so lovely it makes me smile,

This is a lovely old Green/Grey Ferguson, with some rusty but hard details, it’s so fascinating.

 this is a lovely Lanz Bulldog, it’s really weird, it’s a German machine, from a company that only started up in 1921. John Deere actually bought them up later on in 1956, so they must have been good. 

John Deere actually bought them up later on in 1956, so they must have been good. 

 Massey Ferguson is also a huge brand in Tractors, and this is a lovely red vintage one.

This is another red one, a stunning Bulinder Munktell, a BM Terrier model. 

 This is an old Volvo with a pipe.

This is another Red Volvo, and as a fact, Volvo was one of the first tractor brands that started with gazoline.
Anyway, enough with these red ones, (even though they are absolutely gorgeous)

 This is as you can see a David Brown, I’ve never seen this brand before but I fell in love with it, and it’s really nice bum, sadly I don’t have more pictures of it, I DON’T KNOW WHY! I was probably busy dribbling all over it.

 Here is a tractor accessory, or tractor attachment and it’s funny, I learned something from this Tractor magazine I used to subscribe to in my mid-teens, that a tractor can do about 55 different things, but I bet they’ve invented even more gadgets since then, so I’m sure they can do a whole lot more. 

Here’s a wild thing, with the strangest wheels I’ve ever seen. This tractor surely must have been designed for a special purpose, maybe you can change the wheels off it? Who Knows, I’ve never seen it before. 

Hope you enjoyed! Next time your in a car behind a tractor going, oh F off u slow bastard! Keep your mouth shut and show some respect. 

I ♥ Tractors !

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  1. Mamsi says:

    Hahaha, den har ikke dekk ser du vel :))))


  2. Awesome post thanks for share Images 🙂International Tractors


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