Another boring nailpolish review.

Rimmel Basecoat and Topcoat Review.
 Yes, I am doing another silly girly nail-polish review….
WARNING! I do not have good nails or beautiful hand model hands.
I have chubby hands with sausage fingers and baby dimples, and my cuticles aren’t purrfect, and the shape and the length is pathetic, yes yes yes. 
Why can’t I grow long nails? I’ve stopped biting, a disgusting habit I’ve indulged in for years. What can I do to prevent my thin nails to break? How can I grow longer nails? How can I prevent my nail polish to chip? These are questions I’ve been asking myself and I am sure most well-kept women in the world know the answer to it, but I myself, didn’t. Until recently. As I am a scatty little twonk.
I thought I’d invest in a basecoat, as I’ve never used one before, stupid I know, I’ve known about them for ages but I’ve just never known HOW brilliant they are, and I’ve only used topcoats. But it wasn’t until I tried the combo of the two that I understood the difference, and that using a topcoat without a basecoat, is almost pointless.
I didn’t spend too much money, as I don’t really spend that much money on beauty products. That is a lie. As I Love makeup. Yes, I have in later years become one of those girls that just luuurve makeup. And I’ve got quite a few nail colours, even though my nails are pathetic. So I bought Rimmel, -the London look brand, that is quite reasonable, and I’ve been quite happy with nail colours I’ve bought from them. I think it was only about £6.99 or something, so I was happy when I left the shop.
I also bought two new Barry M nail paints, as I’ve already got one in blue. I love it so much, and Barry M’s were on sale at Superdrug and I loved the colours, and they are easy to apply etc etc.
So there were several choices of basecoats and topcoats, but I chose the ones I thought suited my nail needs best, and I just couldn’t wait to apply them when I got back. I tried on the nude brown one, which was just gorgeous, it only needed one stroke and the colour was fully on. It lasted three days before it chipped, and that is a serious record for me! I do a lot with my hands, and I just can’t help it, my nail polish chips. But they looked flawless for three days!
They looked so good even after the few tiny chips that happened, so I left them for a week, and when I got back from London, I removed it and applied this green one yesterday. I love the colour, and they match my sexy trousers as you can see. It needed two coats for a full coverage, but musn’t grumble, I’m still very happy. 
So, what I am trying to say, – THE BASECOAT AND TOPCOAT ARE SO GOOD! And they are cheap! I already have a Sally Hansen topcoat, and that was way expensive. But I am very happy with Rimmel, and that is good news, that you don’t need to spend more money than that. The nails are thicker, they are growing away, the varnish is lasting, the nail itself feels different to what it feels like with just nail varnish, I cant stop touching them! Loves it.
(And Barry M)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice, love that colour 🙂


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