Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers in Trøndelag
Victoria, Melissa and I travelled up north to visit some relatives and to work at my 4th.cousins wedding on the 4th of August. It only took us 19 bloody hours by train, bus, train, train, bus, bus and bus, untill we were finally in Rørvik, but it was all worth it when we saw my 
4th. and 5th. cousins and other beloved relatives faces and had some cake and coffee.
The 4th. came after months of anticipation and we got dressed and ready to serve, and walked down to the community house. 

 I did Victorias hair, and it looked gorgeous, and I thought we all looked something like out of madmen or PanAm. Haha.

 The other waiters were lovely and the job was very enjoyable, as the guests were so lovely. Sadly I don’t have any photos from the church seremony, but I’m sure I’ll get some sent to me at some point, it was beautiful, and this is what the inside looked like.

Cute church with beautiful surroundings, but nothing was as beautiful as the bride, and the tears came trickling down when she walked down the isle and I saw Halvar (My 5th.cousin – the groom) and his moved face.
I had been asked to do some backup singing with Tone, my other 5th. cousins lovely girlfriend, who has a stunning voice, and we did ‘Nothing else matters’ and ‘All you need is love’ Great choices.
The seremony was lovely and the feast was too.

In between meals we were joking around in the kitchen and planning ahead, and it looked really stylish when we all walked out and stood in our places waiting for the bride and the groom to be served first. Like some sort of seremony.

 We were allowed tasters of the food and dessert, and I just HAD to take a picture of this icecream with Krokan in a molte sauce, which I just know my mum would dribble all over. It was gorgeous. Mmm..

 Then the happy news came, Halvar came to us and released us from work, and we felt like we got special treatment, as the other waiters had to tidy up and move around table for the party.

 We changed into our party gear and joined the party!

 I used the formal opportunity to wear my beloved Hawaii dress again, and we had a lot of fun getting ready in the toilets downstairs.

There was loads of entertainment, the bride’s brother singing with Dolly, “Islands in the Stream” for example.

 The tasting of the wedding cake. LOOK AT THIS CAKE TABLE!!!

They were happy with the cake and everybody could dig in on all the lovely cakes. Gooooood. It was good.

 Sitting with Oddvar & Gerd

Joined by Andreas, Arnold and the brides son.
Good times.

 Pretty Kathrine, my 4th./5th cousins parnter.

 Same song, which Oddvar seemed to really appreciate. I wish I got a picture of his face. haha.

 Erik & Frode 4th./5th. cousins

 I love suits. 
 Circle around the coupple, ready for the waltz.

 Oh, they were so cute!

 Anne-Randi and Halvar, they were so adorable, and look how beautiful she looked!

 And the dancing begun. Those Trønder Norwegians sure know how to dance! They were jiving away! Swingtime!

 Bar opens and the drinks come out.

 Erik og Anne-Lise dancing! Anne-Lise recently had an accident and broke her leg, but it’s healed up more now after the surgery, she’s still not entirely good yet, but she did have a few goes on the dancefloor.

 Rima & Kåre heading for the dancefloor! He dances like the devil he does. Absolutely fabulous dancer.

 Kathrine & Frode by the bar.

 Free alchohol equals happy Frode. Popping open the champagne!

 Pretty Kathrine in front of the gifts-table.

 Dance the night away! Torgeir and Tone.

 The boys singing Tenacious D, ‘Fuck her gently’ which was a success.

 I think some of the older people got a tiiiiiiny bit embarrassed, but the bride and groom loved it, which after all is what is most important. It was hilarious anyway.

 So, a successfully crashed wedding, open bar, food, cakes, dance, entertainment and excellent company!


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  1. me says:

    That table – with the cakes….and all the beautiful people…thank you for sharing ❤


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