Aboard the Midnight sun – Hurtigruta

Aboard Hurtigruten in Rørvik, where the two cruise ships meet.
When in Rørvik. 
Melissa had never been inside Hurtigruten, and we thought we’d make it in to a tradition, and cycled down to the docks to greet the two stunners. 

 It’s a cool thing to do, and the ships are different to each other so it’s fun to see what they are like. You get a keycard thing when you board as a guest, and the lobby on this one was pretty fancy schmancy.

The cruiseships are an old traditon from 1893, and the ships have changed a lot through the ages, as the popularity has increased an amazing amount, and it’s reputation as one of the most beautiful cruises in the world still remains.
 So where to go? Where to start? Why not on the top deck?

 On each ship there is different art work, on each floor there is something different, but related to the theme of the art of that particular ship. Probably made by the same artist. This one had this weird kinda human silhouettes thingy. We tried to imitate.

 I am art.

So is Victoria
There are exciting things on the top deck.
Chess board. Too tempting to have a little game of wizards chess. PS. notice Victoria’s witches hat.
 The Chess player. 
 Warm lovely water. Tempting to jump in and turn on the bubbles.
 The view is gorgeous.
 Fun on deck.

 At this point we are more interesting to the tourist then the ship.

 The most important thing to do when aboard a cruise ship. Is. Play Titanic. Without Titanic play no fun. The classic Jack Rose pose.

 The coming down the grand stair case Jack kisses Rose’s hand scene. I’m a classic beauty, nice shoes.

 Running away from the water in the halls is a very important part of it.

The Brandy and Cigar room, stay away unless you are a first class man. We clearly did not look posh enough to enter this room. 

But this lovely lounge had stunning chairs, and this is a perfect place to play Rose sitting very uptight in a corset scenes.

 There was a fun fancy room dedicated to the Olympics with weird coloured lighting strings hanging from the ceiling. It was so fancy, and as you walk further in, you can see the people are watching the London Olympics from a little old shoutbox of a TV.

 Plenty of lovely lights, lamps and chandeliers in the ceiling.

 Scary freaky Troll standing around making the ship look more Norwegian I guess.

 A nice model of the ship itself. Every ship has a miniature somewhere placed inside.

 The map of all the stops of the journey is shown on the screens. I love how Rørvik is shown in big letters, while usually on the Norwegian map, you can barely see it.

 The tradition of the HURT picture. This time I am hurt.

 Then I hurt Melissa and Victoria too. Classic photos.


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