Another week in Rørvik

Rørvik 2012
It’s official. It’s a tradition. The night train journey (19 bloody hours this time) and the visit to the home of my ancestry, grandmother and mum. Nord-Trøndelag.

 This time we brought Melissa, who’s never been that far up north of our country, which was nice, and she was pretty tired after that loooooong but cozy journey up. In her own words, “Usually when I travel for that long, I end up somewhere more exotic.”

 It didn’t take long before the action started and we had dinner with Anne-Lise, (In who’s house we stayed in, a relative) and then we were invited to visit some other relatives just down the street.

A shower was needed after that journey, and after a bit of rest, we popped into some new clothes and walked over to Kåre’s house, where a LOT of people were staying. 

Was there any point in having a shower? Not really, as we all spontaneously ended up going outdoors to play football. And we kicked the ball around for a few hours.

Victoria and Frode 
Victoria rocked as a goalie!
A tired but happy Melissa

Even though Erik had been to work, he was still AWESOME on the field, and had to show off his springy skills after the game.

Even though the football field (if u can call it that) was only 5 minutes away we drove. Lazy? No.

But not as BEAUTIFUL as this one. Frøya. 

Melissa likes dogs. Erik likes kids.
A very mature daddy. 
What’s under the caravan Lukas?
Guitar heroes.

Breakfast at Anne-Lise’s. Her gorgeous porch. Lovely weather.

Nice view.
A bit of Anne-Lise’s lovely garden. 

Then it was time for me and the brothers to go and practise in the church, as we were going to perform during the wedding.

Set in such a lovely location.
Early morning prank?
After a bit of stress with the key and the sound, we eventually rehearsed in a good show and left the church, feeling, nervous. But OK.

Lunch on the veranda.

After cycling around town, we went and bought some lovely snacks from the shop and headed home for some cozy time.

The day after the wedding, except from being tired, we were invited on a trip to the brides family’s house, a house that her grandmother grew up in, for fish soup.

It was nice with a boat trip in the morning. Even though the rocking of the waves made Melissa and Victoria even more tired.

Melissa and I had a bit of a cold, but luckily I had my medicine bag with me at all times, with vitamins, cough drops, pain killers and other fancy stuff.

Kåre was tired too, but he managed to stay on track to find the beautiful place where the old house was.


Sadly the weather was overcast, but it was not much wind, so it was very nice, and the location was stunning.

What a gentleman
Twice the gentleman
Nice photo
Another nice, very similar photo?
Gerd og Oddvar!

The cakes are coming! They brought the leftovers of the cakes from the wedding, which made us very very happy.

The boathouse was made ready for the feast.

love da cake
Luuuuuuuurve das fish soup jah!

On our way home in the boat, snuggling up in our finest wind clothes, tackling the wind that splashes small drops of salty sea drops from the oncoming waves.

Me happy

Lovely take-out dinner with Anne-Lise, steaks, kebabs and chips. And a wee bitty bit of salad.

Then we get a call from our fifth cousins, asking us to join them in playing football. And even though we’re feeling full and fatty, we can’t resist this spontaneous idea. I mean, when in Rørvik.

“Do you know what SAS stands for?” “Er… Special Air Service?” “SUPER ARMY SOLDIER”

Always ready to play ball. Wearing my NATO approved woollen army jumper that I got from my week (if u can call it that) in the army.
Eric is on the ball.

Today it’s a tiiiiny bit more serious. People wearing their sports gear, trainers and it’s all ON!

Then we gather at Kåre’s house, for some waffles and ice cream.

Erik turns off the TV and the reaction is hilarious. 

Rima decorates the waffles and lights a candle, because it also happens to be Eric’s birthday! Oooh, 21 years old.

He celebrates by popping the rest of his snuff into his upper lip, and this should be enough nicotine to keep him going for a while.

Eric wins the bet against Torgeir, and manages to keep it in for fifteen minutes. Note the psycho in the back.

Then it is time to whip up the guitar and sing some songs, snuggled up in Kåre’s cozy and warm living room, filled up on Ice cream, waffles, coffee and tea. Bliss.

Another great week, surmise next year will be just as great. Miss it already. AAAAAAAAAAH.


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  1. Mamsi says:

    Next year I want to go tooooo…..


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