Impro theatre @ Verdensspeilet

Mikkel, Mattis and Lars

My friend Megan and I went to see my friends from school do some improvisational theatre at the café in Fredrikstad, with their successful group Borgarting Improvisasjonsselskab, a group that was started many years ago, that I was once a part of. 
Mikkel and Lars 

These guys have been doing this for a long time now, and gotten jobs, done seminars, festivals and events all over the country and theyve been to several championships. Their skill level is really good now and usually consistant, and although this wasn’t the best show Ive seen them do, there were still a few moments where I thought I peed my pants a little.

 Mattis and Lars

Apart form it being nice to see old friends and talk about things we’ve done, and that we’re about to do, and paths that we’ve chosen, it was great to see some improv again, as I am soon about to embark on to the adventure that is going to be attending The Groundlings in Hollywood. It is a comedy school that focuses a lot on improvised scenes and character work, so the fact that I have previous experience from Borgarting and from other things, really is in my favour, and I’d like to see how I’d manage next to these guys now. Their so quick-witted and well practised, and I wonder how fast my brain could work.

That’s kind of what I was wondering when I went to the audition at The Groundlings… I was excited to see how I’d do, and I loved the challenge. I did quite well, but of course I didn’t expect to pass and get in… as everyone was so funny. But… I am just so excited now, and eager to learn.

Watching comedy, it does makes me think that it seems the right path for me, I dunno why, but it’s just become this way, and humour is a big part of my life, and one of the great things that attracted me to studying in England, was all the great British humour. I’m not saying that comedy is the only thing I wanna do, especially writing and creating-wise, I want to do all sorts, but for my acting, as for the moment, I think it is the right way to go. 


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