Change of Plans! Halfway there…

So, the class registry for this fall go online, and I am surprised to see, delighted of course but stressed, that the course starts earlier than I thought. 22nd of september! HELLO! That is sooo soon!
Alot of hassle later, because of something wrong on my profile that wouldn’t let me register and secure a place, a long torturous labour day that made it impossible to get a hold of the school, and me watching the places being filled one by one, finally last night got an email from The Groundlings, saying it was sorted, and I snatched up the last place! YEAAAAAH!

I paid the deposit to the Loriff Management, gonna stay in the June house which isn’t quite as close to the school as the Wilcox one, but it’s the nearest one that has a free space. And I might move later anyhow. So I’ve emailed them back and forth, talked to them on the phone, and went with it, paid the deposit, and nagged them to email me a receipt. So it should be all good now!

Now I’m just waiting for my paycheck so I can book a flight to LA! Whoa. It’s  been a stressful, difficult last week for many reasons, but now I know that I am going… and it’s gonna be…. a new adventure. And I am almost a 100% sure that I am going back to Hawaii to visit my friends.

But before all that, I’m going to Greece! Yaaaay. When I get paid (hopefully tomorrow) I’ll book our tickets and hotel, and we leave on monday next week. Good times.



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  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Lotta travelling! See u in Hawaii! When are u arriving in Honolulu?jr


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