Greek adventures in Kos

Boys holiday. 
Welcome to our little flat in Kos. 
Melissa is just taking a dump as it’s our first day and we just arrived from a 5 hour long flight with Ryanair, that cost us next to nothing. We arrived at our flat in Kos town, which was called Hotel Fantasia

and were pleasantly surprised by how nice it was. Two bedrooms, nice little kitchen and a bathroom. we settled in nicely and wandered the town a bit to explore the surroundings.

Then we got dressed up and went out for our first night on the town, hitting the bar street, one bar at a time.

It was a good time, and the first day was a promise of a good week.

We bought some food at a local grocery store, and Gwen cooked us some pasta carbonara. Our little kitchen was nice, but we didn’t have anything to cook it in, and as it was evening we had to knock on our neighbours doors an borrow, as the hotel managers weren’t there.

Other than that, the service, the cleaning and everything about the appartment was great. We paid so little it was almost riddiculous, and if you’re heading to Kos, or anywhere around the Mediterranean on a budget trip, you should definately check out that’s where we found the hotel.
Free wifi and good location.

So we hired a scooter and a four-wheeler and drove around town, it’s the best thing ever, the sun shining, the breeze hitting your face as you feel the little engine under your lazy ass as you park up by the beach.

Good times. Well, basically, Gwen was too scared to hire the scooter, as when she tried driving it the first time, she kinda freaked after she had a weird little start. The guy who was hiring them out got scared too, and insisted we’d take a four-wheeler for the same price, for our own safety.

Look at the lovely marina in Kos, and the tiny fishboats.I love it.

At the old mans shop buying drinks again. He called us the astronauts as we never took off our helmets when we came in.

By Tigaki beach there was a long empty road where Gwen could practise her scooter skills


At Tigaki beach – tanning time – turn the beds toward the sun – hot sand – ice cream and cold drinks

Late night drive to Terma, the hot water source, a natural miracle. But first, petrol time.

Gwen trying to turn Bumblebee around. Not as easy as it seems. But rather entertaining for people to watch.

Terma was incredible. Sadly it was so dark that even my very amazing Cammi couldn’t capture the stars and the dark silhuettes of the big rocks that circled around us, as we sat there, in the warm water, quiet, for ages. As I sat there I got  a great idea, a concept for a story, movie or book or something.

We joked about how many people have had sex there, and how much seamen that was floating around us, and we all looked like witches as we were sitting in a circle in the dark, topless, under the stars. How four witches got together in this magical place and got impregnated after a ritual, from different gods, and their sons grew up to be mighty half-gods half-wizards, but how the two of the four witches turned bitter and regretful that they didn’t do it with a man instead, and how this bitterness prevented them to fully love their children, and in turn,  they would become villains.. well, I’m not gonna ramble on about this idea, it’s still jumbled up in my brain. Like a Greek mythology modern fantasy story thing.

Stopped for food afterwards, it was amazing. I was knackered, the water had relaxed all the muscles in my body, and the day full of adventure had taken a lot of energy.

Babies! Or Teletubbies?

I slept like a baby that night. For the first time, maybe ever, I fell asleep before Gwen.

Another day with Bumblebee and the beach.

MWord and G-Love
JbaWs and EwoWw
incredible colours of the world. 

Gwen needed to get her scooter skills down before we could swap Bumblebee in for a scooter. So she had a few goes on Vanilla sky. We loved Bumblebee, but he was just a bit too slow, we were planning to go all the way to the other side of the island, and Bumblebee just wouldn’t cut it for the highway.

After some tanning, swimming, and scooter driving it’s time for foodage and there is no better place then by the sea. It’s so lovely by the marina and there are plenty of restaurants there.

We went to a new restaurant almost everyday, but one of our favourites in Kos was Jasmine, (convenient) and the food and service there was great.

When we asked for BIG ASS cokes in Greece, they gave us BIG ASS COKES. Post swimming faces.


You’ll see a lot of street cats in Greece, some healthy and beautiful, some not so healthy and very skinny.

Kos town is stunning, and so are my three friends.

There are lots of shops to enjoy, with all sorts of bits and bobs.

Time to put on our fistpump playlist and get ready to go out!

Gweny and I. We went out alot while we were there, the barstreet had plenty of bars, and as a girl it’s pretty easy to get free drinks etc. Every new club or bar you enter you get free shots. I of course donated my drink away, and the girls rotated in turn to get the extra shot.

sexy lookin mother effing gurls.

The neighbour boys come to visit. Greek city boys from Athens.

Teaching us the traditional Greek folk dances.

And a bit of Samba. Or was it tango?


Swimming pool day. It’s nice to just be by the pool sometimes too, even though I prefer the sea, it’s less hassle to lie in the sun, jump in when you get too hot, and get out again, with no sand and sticky saltiness.

And one can have just as much fun in the pool me thinks. I myself find it rather hard to get out again.

Out on the razz once again.

I have some mad good looking friends.

And the day came, the scooter adventure day, when Gwen plucked up the nerve and we swapped Bumblebee in for a scooter, Blue, and drove off to the other side of the Island.

I had a rather nice view on my way to Kefalos, and thought I’d capture it… The scenery too.

Scooter girlzz

Nice little village area where we stopped for some good old English Breakfast. Mmm.

Helmet guuuurl
Helmet Lizard guuuurl..?

Nice view from the restaurant, where we stuffed our faces with eggs, bacon, beans, bread, hash browns, sausages and orange juice.

down to the lovely beach of Stefanos.

Beach time. Again. Getting our tan on.

Then in the evening we returned to Jasmin again, for a nice meal and some banana-split dessert. Haven’t had this since I was a kid and it was gooooood.

Then this little thing fell down on us. At first we screamed because it looked weird, but then it crawled up  the napkin holder looking around at us with it’s huge eyes. Soooo cute. The waiter said that it was called a Jesus-something, sad I didn’t catch the name, but it was a beautiful insect, that moved it’s little arms around and looked around at us. He said, that if one of these land on you, it means Jesus has sent you a blessing. And as it landed on the table in the middle of the four of us, we chose to believe that it was sent to all of us. Wanky? Shut up. You didn’t see this thing.The way it behaved. Strange.. Human like.

Well, the end of the trip. I’d say I look rather tanned. Now I got Gwen to take this picture of me by this old fountain as I have a picture of me by it from when I was younger and I was at Kos. This was my fourth time there. But in the last picture, I was blonde.

Stay tuned from pictures from the party-cam.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's a praying mantis! Fun trip!jr


  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, beautiful, gorgeous girls!!


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