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The bar street in Kos town is filled with bars, clubs and pubs, and the first thing that greets you, whether you like it or not, is promoters that try to draaaag you in to their place.
They don’t give up easily, so the first day we were there, we didn’t know where to go first and because we stood there, innocent four girls looking confused, we were an easy target. By the time of the last day, we were experts, everybody knew us, and they didn’t hassle us because they knew we would stop by at some point of the night.

 We were no sittin’ deal, we would march up and down that street, dance, drink and mingle until our feet killed us. 

 We had so much fun on our nights out, and every bar you stop by give you free drinks, sure some of them are relatively watered out shots, but it’s still free drinks. 

 What is very necessary after a night out, is some night food, and nothing is as tempting and saucy at 4 in the morning like Gyros. Mmmmm… PORK! Yeah, I love my pork.

 I ate Gyros waaaay too much on this trip. But. Who cares. When in Greece.

 Look at my angel-looking friends eh. Pretty women… 

 Schmiiiiiiiile to the caaaaaameeraahh…

 Weeeell. Gwen’s face looks normal….? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

 Good times outside the White Corner club. I think that’s what it was called. 

 We asked some random twat to take a picture of us, and after four tries, this was the best one…

 We asked someone ELSE, and this was his first try. 

 Gwen on the pole. Yeah. This is normal. we do this every night.

 We daaaaaaaaaaance. Or we pretend that we do. We do, kinda. in our own retarded un-girly way. 

 Yeah. Peace upside down. Fistpumping to the break of daaaaawn.

 Dancing on the bar…! Gweny gone wild

 Some weirdo trying to grab Gwenllian as she does her best moves with Elisabeth on the bar.

 Mashup squashed in girlies on tha dance flooah.
you gotta say it to be able to play it
No chapstick with out saying it at least twice, that’s the rule.

 That guy with the drinks there bought us loads of drinks to repay us for a drrrrrunken accident he had some nights before, he was waisteeeed. And he spilled one of our drinks aaaaall over, and was so drunk that he didn’t understand ANYTHING.

 We became quite freindly with him, he was a really nice guy, he is training to be a pilot and insisted he rarely gets that drunk.

 Pilot boiiiii

 Gwen and the Pilot’s friend. Very talkative friend. Poor Gwen…

 We’d always somehow end up getting a free fishbowl, which is that huge bowl of alchohol punch thing with superstraws. Some people got a bit more wasted than others by this perticular drinky. Cough cough, Melissa.

 No fishbowl for Jasmin. Can I have a glass of Coke please? NO ICE. If you say yes to ice it’s 20% Coca Cola and the rest is ice.

 We are naughty rugrats we are… 

 Weird fiery turquise funshots some random Swiss guy with braces bought for us, without us knowing, so as we were about to go to the next club, he came running to me and begged me to stay. Apparently he thought I was one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen, like a flower or something, and he wanted me to drink. Sadly i had to say no and give him the shot that was for me. Aaaaaakwaaard…

 At least the girls could enjoy them, and it was fun.

Our last night, and we stayed out until around 6 I think…. yeah… Great idea? No.

We went hard, we went full out, we did it our way, we heeled it pretty much every night, and it was mint. My first fistpumping holiday, Thanks Greece for being excellent hosts. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    All the single ladies – all the single ladies???


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