Filmfan in Hollywood

 Landed at LAX almost two weeks ago, after blagging my way through everything with my tickets and shizzle, I was excited and very happy to be in the City of Angels, for many things. I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was really nice to be greeted by two friends of our family, who picked me up at the airport and drove me to my house.

 I’ve spent the last two weeks chillin in my new house, walking around the neighbourhood and checking out some movies, after all, I am in Hollywood. If you look reeeeeeal close in this pictyre, next to my head, in the middle of those two palmtrees, you can see the Hollywood sign. Yeah, that’s my hood now.

 Now what more do you want than a good cinema, good movies, popcorn and good weather? Well, I’ve got it all here. The US is cheap in comparison to Europe so my Norweegie Crownah are getting me far in the cinema business, so I’m gooooood. Now my FIRST movie in Hollywood, was “Looper” with Bruce willis and a Willis looking Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is doing pretty well atm by the way, and it was real good. I really enjoyed it, I loved how it didn’t bother with the technicalities around time travel, but was more about relationships between people, reactions to situations, bit of action, some great characters and dialogue, and I must say, Gordon-Levitt looked all the more shaggable as a Willis version of himself. Anyway, what better place to watch a movie than in the cinema at the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD?! Eh? Eh?

 Now, I love popcorn. Yeah. If I haven’t stated this before, then, well I apologise to popcorn, because I cannot state this enough, I declare myself, a huuuuuge huuuuuuuuuge fan, lover, obsessive popcorn eater. I consider myself a rather generous person, but eh. I don’t really wanna share my popcorn. Well, I’m not gonna ramble any more about Popcorn, oh, the wwoooooord POPCORN even… Mmmm. Yes. no more popcorn talk. Just one more picture.

 And, yes, it just must be said, as a popcorn-cinema lover, this has been mint for me. The second movie I’ve seen so far, is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” a long awaited film for me, as I am a fan of Emma Watson, and this movie did not disappoint. Logan Lerman, I believe his name was, was absolutely cracking, I loved him from the first second, and he did several moving speeches and just… his face. It was fantastic, I know that this book is from a novel, and I’ve read ABOUT the novel, and not the novel itself, I’m ashamed to say, but I really saw the pages in it, the what do you call it… descriptive, no, his taking in stuff, the way he felt and saw things around him, it was beautifully illustrated, and I dunno. It was just deep, and the soundtrack was GREAAAAAAAT. Now, Ezra Miller, is a great great little thing. His strange, feminine but stunning face and excellent mannerisms, just… everything about him. Watchable, yet uncommercial, I really really think he is going to be great. I mean, he already is, but…you know.

As of now, and until december the 16th, I am wandering American soil, and will report to you, how a very european, foreign as always, curious, filmlovin, socialite sees this crazytown, LA. It’s madness I tell you. 


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  1. me says:

    Sooo happy ur bloggin again


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