Gonna introduce you to my little home that I got here in Hollywood, and to my family, we’re ten people in this house, on North june street by Fountain avenue. I share a room with three other girls, and there are two more bedrooms where the boys share their shit. 
The rent is at a good price, we’ve got everything that we need, internet, a good large TV, laundry, a nice common area and our porch. This is a good deal if you can handle sharing a room with someone. Loriff Management are our landlords and are really friendly and chill. So far they’ve taken everything I say seriously, but we still have a friendly tone. There is a maid that comes once a week, which is nice, and other than that, I’m really impressed by how the boys are tidy. 
Everybody tidy up after themselves, everybody do their bit. It’s cool because most of us are pretty likeminded, and we love watching movies. I think it’s really nice to come home to a house, where someone’s always at home, there’s always something good on our TV, as Jillian 
(I’m gonna talk about my housemates with the names I have given to them, just because I love calling them that, although some of the boys don’t like it as their names sounds like a girls name) has loooooooads of DVD’s, Netflix, Hulu and a lot of downloaded shit on his Xbox. The boys like playing Zombies, and Will like to play his Pandaria WOW. It’s a social house and it suits me fine, 
as I rarely am the last person to go to bed, even though I sometimes go to bed at four in the morning. It’s nice to hang out in our living room with our squashy couches, wrestle over pillows and discuss what to watch next. Now, our porch is sooooo nice, and it’s lush to sit out there as the temperature is mostly very comfortable. I sat there once with Sammi 
until seven in the morning and got scared shitless as the sprinklers came on automatically in the middle of the night. Now, Will is a bit of an artist, he draws, he was drawing on his computer last night, and I was pretty impress when I saw. The way he built the image up, how he started with some shapes, that didn’t make sense to me at all, but how they after a few more lines and shapes, his sketches appeared very clearly and became whatever he was gonna draw, it’s like he sees what he’s gonna do, and just knows how to do it…

 Will has a cat that lives with us, but she stays outside most of the time, and she makes it very homey to be here, when she’s around us purring and being all tempting and cute. Damned to be allergic to cats I am.

 Now, there’s a 24-7 hour 7 Eleven right up the street which is convenient, and the boys like to skate up there and around the streets. But when I’m coming along, they can make an exception, or skate very slowly. Which is nice.

 Now this is Cash at the register at 7 eleven paying for his shizzle. Cash has loads of tattoos and plays his electric guitar unplugged, he practises all the time and it sounds like he’s pretty good. He’s a modest fellow so I don’t really know. But I assume I’ll see him play live someday with his band. He’s a music student at the institute, with Loren our cool neighbour.

 Will likes his pina colada slurpees. But then again, who doesn’t enjoy a good slurpee.

 Ah…. to go to 7 eleven at three in the morning because you want some ice cream with the movie, that is the life.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice house – cool couches – cute cat (and nails)House-mates seems cool tooHope you have a lovely time


  2. e-woww says:

    ahhhh jeg vil ditt!! ser drit bra ut jas:D


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