Back in Hawaii!

First day back in Hawaii!
yea, I’m back with a crack and a slappa dat dat, I’m so happy and excited, I almost cried the whole plane trip.

 I finally got to fly with Hawaiian airlines, from Maui to Honolulu. always thought their planes looked so nice. But it wasn’t all that cool. Pretty packed and tight, but at least we were served some lovely juice served by airhostesses dressed in Aloha shirts and flowers in their hair. Better than the boring flight form LA to Maui.

 But I got a nice glimpse of the coast of Maui as we took of and it was just stunning, the best picture I got was this, just thought I’d show you. I didn’t really get the best bit, I didn’t pick up my cammie quick enough.

 But THIS is when I really started welling up, when we drew so close to the familiar coastline of Waikiki beach and towards Honolulu. IM BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Alvin picked me up from the airport and we catched up on the latest gossip. There is so much going on and I am so proud of all the work HTY has done, and after seeing some videos in Alvins house, I was amazed and even more proud.

 It was SOOOOOOO nice to meet my friends again, and just the good old feeling of being at JJ Dolan’s in chinatown. I’m here. I feel safe. I feel familiar. And my friends were there to meet me!

 Look at these beautiful faces!!!! I’ve longed to see them for half a year and it was so lovely. I am truly very very happy right now.

 Telling Jordan about Groundlings and getting advice from him, as he’s already done a lot of courses there.

 Jordan is very very funny and a talented banjo player. Hopefully we’ll be around in LA and the Groundlings at the same time at some point. If I pass the first level…. ooooooh.

 Intense picture of me and Alvin…. hahaha.

 Then I go over to Sophia’s new crib, that she’s sharing with some housemates, and I just HAD to show it off, as it is so FRICKIN COOL!

 LOOK AT THE AWESOME DAVID BOWIE PAINTING ON THE WALL! Look at this cool space! WHat?! Helloooo.

 Her room with her dogs. Little Muse on the floor. I’ll be sleeping in that bed tonight. Makin loooove to my beautiful Sophie.

 Just hanging out in her backyard in the incredibly comfortable weather and flowery air.

 Sophia has recently formed a new band, and they had a really successfull gig last night. Shame I missed it. But I’m so glad she’s doing well. She’s sooo talented.

 Guitars and dogs

 Sophia gave me my first Tarot reading, which was interesting and fun. although some of the words that came up were difficult and way off our vocabularies and it had to be looked up online.

I’m back. I’m back on the island. And I am so happy. I’ve had such a great time, and it’s only been a day. I don’t know what this week will bring, but as long as I’m under the Hawaiian rainbowwy sky… I think I’ll be good. 


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