Island isolation complications

I was such a twat and I forgot my frickin phone charger so, I have to turn my phone off constantly to save electricity, and my battery is so low… Craaaap. I’m staying at Rick’s house

Here’s the view from their kitchen winow
and they don’t have internet, and it won’t work until after I leave, so I am now officially sitting at Starbucks writing down everybodys numers on a piece of paper and using their internet to check everything is ok. Now, you may think to yourself, “You are in Hawaii. why do you care whether you’ve got internet or ur phone?” Weeell. I am meating loads of friends, and communication and arranging eating, gigs, beach time and hangouts is rather difficult without it. 
But, other than that, I am havin a great time. Currently in Waikiki where both Megan an Rick lives, and I just love it here. It’s such a cool area, and it’s my hood you know. I know my way around here. And it’s not as scary as in LA. 
Was chilling out with Rick today, 
before we went to the beach for an afternoon/evening swim. It feels so nice to be back here. I find a true happiness in seeing these familiar places that I’ve longed for, for so long. And the scents around here… not only the flowers, the sea, but the FOOD! ooooooh.

 There I am. In my element, and god the water was so warm, I think It’s the warmest water I’ve ever been in. There was no hesitation what so ever, I just dived in, into heaven. I love swimming so much.

 Rick regrets not bringing his surfboard.

Excited, as I’m having food with Megan and Sophia later around the area. Went to Buca last night with Rick before we went to the cinema, LOOK how retarded he looks in that picture hahahahahhah, with a white stain on his black shirt and totally unprepared for the photo, while I was smiling one of those smiles you do when you have to hold it for ages because the photographer takes forever. We saw “End of Watch” I looooooooooooved it. Oh lord. And how I love Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a great movie, I guess Im a bit bias as I’ve always liked the idea of being a policeofficer if my creative career goes to pot. But it was messed up, funny, moving, and a great experience to watch, and as Rick says, there are a lot of really good movies out at the moment, he goes to IMDB to check ratings and stuff, and there’s plenty of movies with a rating over 8.1 which is really good.

Later tonight I’m going to good ol’ Jazzminds to see Ethan Capone play some piano, an I am super psyched about it. Good times. 

Anyway, gotta go, gotta meet up with ma hoes. 

Hawaiian love, Jasmin xxx


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  1. Kiiiine says:

    I'm soooo jealous!!!Vil oxo være på Hawaii! Spis noe monchong for meg, love that fish!:-)Har du det bra? Når begynner kursene i LA?Klem Kine


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