ABC stores, and why I love them

 In Hawaii, and Hawaii only, well, in Las Vegas now too for some reason there is a shop called ABC store, -the store with Aloha. And I love love love them. Waikiki has one on every corner and they are filled with handy things, and of course, alot of tourist tat, and that’s why they always are pretty packed. 

When I used to live in Hawaii I got lost a lot of times because of them, until I realised that they were EVERYWHERE. Yes, they might sell some Hawaiian shizzle for a little dearer then if you’re smart and go to the international market or somewhere else, but it’s jut got everything you need and more. 

 They sell so much good stuff that I love so as soon as I came back here I’ve been in them everyday.

 Great selection of postcards and calendars

Good selections of suntan lotions and oils, even some proper local stuff, like the Maui babe kukui nut tanning lotion, which is a delicious staining treasure that Sophie showed me when we were tanning together the last time I was here. They didn’t sell them at the ABC’s then, only at Maui, but I guess the local secret has  been spilled and gone commercial. 
 Magnets and shit

 Nice organic beauty products such as Burts bee’s, which I love love love.

 And good selection of the infamous and cheap Island Girl Nail polish, of which I am a fan. Happened to buy myself four more colours the other day.

 Hawaiian wear, touristy and cheap versions of the more traditional ones.

 Alot of fun gifts, such as these Hawaiian condoms, which I happened to buy for one of my housemates back in LA. (The Pineapple power one, in Orange, if you wondered)

 Hawaiian unhealthy snacks
 Hawaiian healthier snacks

 Lovely Hawaiian water, way better than any of the shit you can by in Los Angeles or Orlando.

 Local Hawaiian beauty products.
 Other weird colourful stuff that catches ones eye.

 And much much more. It’s so good because they are everywhere in Waikiki, and if you’re going to the beach they’ve got everything you need. Sandwhiches, cheap bottles of water, beach mats, really cheap floaties, flip flops, towels and all sorts.

 So look out for them, if you’re in Hawaii, and if you’re in Waikiki, you won’t need to, they’ll be EVERYWHERE.

This one has a gym over it. Handy. Not that I would ever want to sit on an excercycle right by the beach and look over the sea. You’d more likely catch me in the store buying a nice cold can of Coca Cola in my beach wear on my way to lazy ass it aaaaaall day.


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  1. Hæppi says:

    ABC-STORES in Norway NOW !!!!Looked up your location – very close to the beach – nice 🙂


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