As a tourist this time

♥ ♥ ♥ Beautiful images from Hawaii ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Drinks and dinner with Meg ♥ 

M m m mexican food. In Hawaii, more importantly. Mmmmmm.

Rick’s housemate Nichole has a HUUUUUGE dog! Isn’t he fucking huge!? He is awesome though.

This is her Cat. It’s a crazy cat. He loves attention. And he loved my hair. He wants to play ALL the time and he is just so sweet. Rick couldn’t cuddle him the whole time, and we had to spray him with a water spray bottle to chase him out of the room about 20 times a day because I’m allergic. 

But this big boy got some cuddles. So cute weird horse like doggy boy.

I’m on the phone! leave me alone! Ring ring ring ring BANANA PHONE! Applehead.

My first American hot Dawg.
Rick looking very feminine. What’s the female version of Rick? His real name is Richard, so, Rachel? I don’t know.

My new flip flops!

At sandy beach! Sooooo beautiful. We missed the sun though. But the waves were ready to play.

Rick and I got our ass beat by the waves. I thought I was going to die for some very scary moments out there. Respect the ocean man. The waves were crazy. It was madness fun, but I did get scared after I got proper slammed to the ground and my back almost twisted. My hair was SO full of sand.

Back in my own hood. As Alvin said, “this is your hood now,” YEAH! YEAH IT IS! Sunny streets of Hawaii…

Love Kings Village. Especially when the Farmers market is on there.

Surfing. SUCH a big part of the Hawaiian life. Rick has bought a board, and my friend Ethan has two or three I think. Junior has about a hundred. Well, at least ten.

Sunny swim time. I am so happy at this point.
Sandy happiness

Was joined by my dear big breasted friend Meg. Catched some rays. And some gossip.
Went back to good old Jazzminds, and caught my talented friend Ethan playing the piano. Gooooood Jazz times.

Went out on Waikiki beach to catch the sunset. The people crawl out to see the sunset and catch a luau.

Megan and I

This is so Hawaii

Finally got to check out Lulu’s, so excited for this. Still alot of stuff I haven’t explored in Waikiki. As for Oahu itself…. GOD.

Really cool place with a good live band playing Hawaiian music and Hawaiian covers of pop and Rock.

LOOK AT THIS!  A real blowfish! Used as a lamp. Brilliant. And beautiful.

SUCH an awesome tempting menu. I had the Kalua Pork Egg Rolls…

And they were Soooo goooood. 
The view from Megans Appartment in Waikiki. And this is the last image I have to share from this time. I gotta go back soon. Hopefully maybe maybe baby get some moneys from my sugar momma’s for my birthday to spend on another trip??? We’ll see. Hawaii in my ♥  forever

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  1. me says:

    I want to be in Hawaii toooo


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