Motorcycle adventures to Venice beach

The other day I had a motorcycle adventure with Seth

 His motorcycle is so awesome, sexy and big. It’s not too noisy or too showy, and I just adore it.

 He hasn’t named her yet, but it is definitely a she. Seth purchased a second helmet, and I was so stoked to be able to ride with him. We drove down to Venice beach to hang out and chill by the sea.

 When we finally got to “muscle beach” we walked down the boardwalk-like side streets where all sorts of people were walkin. Not only the hot chicks on rollerblades and Hasselhoff-ish men that you see in the TV-shows, but all sorts of people, and actually more than anything, Skaters.

There’s a great skatepark by the beach there were there are some devilishly talented people.

Seth hadn’t been to Venice beach since ages ago, and I had never been.

 It’s nice being at the beach again, but I wasn’t very tempted to swim.

 We just sat by the waves and enjoyed the nice view, the smell and the sound of the waves. Nice way to catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages. We met in february when we were both in Hawaii.

 Even though the waves looked like they wanted to play, it’s not as hot here as it is in Hawaii, and the water doesn’t look as nice.

 But it’s just nice to be by the water on a hot day. Purchased a nice Hawaiian canned drink with strawberry and passionfruit, and sat in the sand relaxing.

 Look at these talented bastards. I am so envious, some of these crazy people were absolutely incredible. It looks like surfing, but on hard ground, it was so smooth and it looked like so much fun.
My housemates skate around all the time, to the shop and stuff, but I don’t know if they’re on this level.

 But the best thing about the whole day was of course riding the motorbike. It’s so much fun, and I just sit there smiling like a goofball having the best time ever.

 I have been thinking about getting one for a few years now, I’ve always loved scooters, but I’ve thought seriously about getting something bigger with more speed, as I’m not very tempted to get a car. And I just get such a thrill from riding a motorcycle. I would love to travel that way. But it’s just so, unprotected kind of, like, It’s scary. But I would never be one of those speeding idiots, so… I don’t know.

 It was time for some food and Seth told me that he had to take me to In n Out, where they do real nice fast-food.

 I ordered a double double – animal style, Seth told me about the secret code of animal style, and I felt proper cool. It was a really good burger. I didn’t order fries or anything as Seth it would be too much, and jesus, I couldn’t even finish the burger it was so filling.


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  1. Mamsi says:

    Veldig fin skatepark, og VELDIG kul og rocka Jasmin ❤


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