At home in the Hollywoods

 Dear mami. This is my family here in LA. this is our living room where we watch movies and TV and sit on our computers. 

Sammi ❤

 Sammi accedentally elbowed Mimi’s cup of wine and spilled it on the floor, and Mimi made him wipe it up, but Sammi was tired from working at Starbucks. He had already spent the whole day cleaning there, so that’s the last thing he wanted to do. 

 We like sitting on the porch, listening to Sammi’s music and talk about nonsense and everything inbetween. Notice Mimi has the same pink ipad cover as you. And Sammi is wearing his slippers. 

 I love Cash so much that I give him a piggy back sometimes. 

 Mimi and Sammi are very close friends, they’re so funny together and their sense of humour is great. 

 I love Mimi, she is a totally chill, no nonsense girl who is incredibly empathetic and fun. She’s that kind of strong Italian woman, and she studies Law.

 Will is probably one of the most likable people ever. And he has those funny dry lines, and quick replies to things like if somebody says, “I was so fucking tired” He’ll say; “Well, at least you’re fucking.” Or if I say, “Jesus!” He’ll go, “Please, call me Will.” Hahahaha. Dryyyyy. 

I’m pretty happy in our house, even though we have an annoying roommate, who dances the Charleston at 9 in the morning while we’re trying to sleep. 


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mami says:

    Ser fint ut, glad du trives 🙂 Hvor mange bor i huset egentlig???


  2. Karianne says:

    Åherrefreeed jeg savner det fantastiske trynet ditt og det alltid gode humöret! Kanskje man blir nödt til å ta en Hollywoodtur?!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Jaaaaa! Komme å besøke meg!!!
      Savner deg åååå!!! 😀


      1. Karianne says:

        Hurra 😀 Hvor lenge skal du være der?


      2. jasminplease says:

        Dette er forste omgang, coming home for christmas!! 16th of december! Maybe I’ll see u then? xxx


  3. Karianne says:

    Hmm jeg er bare hjemme 23-26 desember, og er fullbooket! Men tekst meg når du kommer hjem uansett da 🙂


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