Halloween in Hollywood


 The neighbourhoods were decorated, some houses more than others, and after the little kids had done their rounds of ‘trick or treat’ the police cars came out and it got dark.

Hollywood boulevard was crammed with people as there was some sort of block party going on and people parading their costumes, the girls in their classic slutty outfits and the guys either as superheroes, something funny or something scary.

 I always think it’s funny to count ‘Banana boys’, if you look around you, there is always some guy dressed as a frickin’ banana. By the end of the night, you should have seen a few, unless you stayed at the same party the whole night.

 Before getting dressed, a round of rock, paper, scissors are due, involving alcohol of course, and the pirate version of it. I had the glamourous job of holding  the table steady as one of it’s legs broke off.

 The boys had bought an awesome skull-funnel, you know those funnels that frat-boys drink from in movies, well yeah, it’s one of them. Pour lotsa drink in it, and gulp it down.

 On saturday we went to Two Halloween parties, I was dressed as a Hawaiian girl, in one of my dresses and with a Hawaiian flower in my hair. Sammi was dressed as Zeus (sadly didn’t get a picture) Andy as Thor, Cash as a bloody corpse and Will as a Jedi. I didn’t take any pictures that night, but on Halloween Halloween (yesterday) I did. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t wanna spend any money this time either so I dressed as Amy Winehouse. And the boys dressed the same.

 The streets weren’t as crowded when I went out to go to a party later that night, as there had been a shooting incident. But there were still some people out roaming the streets.

 A sexy little leopard girl

 People stopping by the stands to either by Mexican taco’s (there’s a lot of Mexicans in this town) or hotdogs.

 When we came home we sat outside on the porch as usual with some invited guests drinking and listening to music. It was a good day, but nothing special. Halloween as I remember it, in LONDON, was always a BLAST. I guess since I was in the US, I expected a lot more.

 And of course, the best costume, went to Doja, who was dressed as Batman. Or Dracula. I don’t think she made up her mind. But she looked HILARIOUS. And super cute.

Halloweenie Greetings from Jasmin. xx


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  1. me says:

    The cat – photos are fantasticAnd you're lookin gooood too 🙂


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