Rocky Roadtrip in California

Went on a roadtrip with a family friend to the San Gabriel Mountains by LA
we drove around for hours in his Jeep listening to the brilliant soundtrack from ‘Crazy Heart’
at first we drove through the lovely neighbourhood of Glendale before we reached the bottom of the mountain

we were going to the Mount Wilson Observatory a very interesting place where Albert Einstein himself  used to hang out with the guys who loved looking at the stars…

These astronomers worked for ages and ages to build extraordinary visionportals without mirrors and with vacuum techniques

we had to walk across the bridge to the stars before reaching this big moster

this incredible beast enables you to get a vision of star clusters and the milkyway more clear and beautiful that you could ever dream of

we grabbed a cup of coffee at the Cosmic Cafe on top of Mount Wilson

It was a foggy day but I could still see the view of LA, the different areas and the downtown city

The exhibitions were luckily free and I saw some photograph of the universe that blew my mind…

Before moving on, I had a sip of some water from this water fountain. It was a hot day.

Passed this American Indian Cultural Center

And hit the road again. And followed the bikers to the Newcombs Ranch

There were Harleys and Ducatis parked side by side there, apparently a place where the bikers meet in a friendly way and tell tales about the nice tracks around the area, and remember the big fire that was there a few years ago

I had some incredible garden salad sandwhich and french fries with some coke… and It was sooo good

Outside the sun was shining and the flag was waving proudly in the wind

On the inside it was decorated with pumpkins for Halloween, a very enthusiastic bartender, great music and biker stuff on tv.

I sat outside enjoying the weather before we got back on the road – totally took a picture of myself

The scenery changed so much from the beginning to end, from a green mountain, to this stunning pond, to the desert. California is very varied.

Listening to country music was fitting as we drove past the tumbleweeds and dried up trees

And old post office that they still use, in the middle of nowhere, with only ranches around

Then after hours of really nice drivin, chit chat and AMAZING music, we got closer to the smoggy outline of LA

Back into the traffic, towards Sunset boulevard, that eventually takes us to Cherooke, down to June, where I live.

Note the Bronson street sign. I did that for you Tom Hardy. Just for you.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, varied scenery! Very nice!


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