Cisco Frisco San Francisco!

San Francisco
I went to San Francisco last week
To visit my artist friend Annette who studies fine Art
At the San Francisco Art institute
I entered her cool artistic appartment and we blew up the inflatable guest bed
And we made ourselves some popcorn and put on some movies for a cozy night in with Netflix!
When Annette was at school I had the opportunity to wander the streets of San Fran, and as I wandered up and down Market street, I saw a LOT of different characters.
There’s is a huge diversity in this town, and that is something that I like, but there are a lot of homeless people here too. Which is pretty upsetting, as they don’t have the same system as in Europe, and it’s harder to get help here. And it’s just so unfair. Especially for the people with mental illnesses. I also saw a woman who sat in a wheelchair with no legs begging for money. Who would think that, in such a westernised and wealthy country?
It’s also a very artsy town, and the life is teeming with things going on and people happening. 
There are art shops and galleries, and I just LOVED wandering through the shops looking at all the equipment, the different paints, brushes, liquids, stickers, glitter, glue, canvases and all sorts of shizzle I wish I knew how to use. 
The streets were getting decorated for christmas, and the Union square was already looking pretty awesome with the palm-trees decorated with fairy lights! 
I also wandered down by little Italy, which was really nice, and really european
I went to visit my friends sister, Chanley, who I met at a bar on Market street in San Fran the day before, again, at Cafe Roma, where she works
It was a cool cafe with an italian vibe
She made me some free coffee, an excellent white chocolate mocca
I rode one of the famous cable cars up and down the hills of this wonderfully beautiful city, and it all reminded me of ‘Full House’ hahahhaah… Oh, memories of childhood
It was really nice and it took me to Annette’s school
Annette seems very happy at this school, and there’s a lot of talent going on there

Annette does a lot of underwater paintings with Jelly fish and lighting… this girl did a nice underwater one too. Had to put it on, because it was so special…

Another one I liked

Some real detailed weird stuff

 First upon entering the building I was greeted by this beautiful arch, that led me in to a little cute courtyard

with a little fountain in the middle, that was home to a fair few little fishies.

The building has an odd design, but it was stunning, and on the roof there was a sort of courtyard, and cafe, and hallways and stairs that led to more rooms and halls.

This was the view from the school…

So Annette showed me around, and we walked passed many different students workplaces.

Down there is where they work on sculpting. I think I’d find that really hard. But then again, painting is hard too.

People working on their stuff, some students were really intensely working, some were taking their time, some people had the most impressive patience and attention to detail.

A fair few canvases in this work room, where you can put your painting aside, and come back and get it back out the next day, to continue working on it.

Annette and some fellow students stepping back and taking a look at this rather abstract piece

There’s a lot of work that has to be done at this school, academically too, here in this computer room, Annette got some extra help from her tutor.

It was great seeing Annette’s workplace, seeing how she mixes the paint, as she knows in her head already exactly what colour she wants. She was workin on a piece from a photograph from a holiday in Greece with her mum. under the water she will pop in some jellyfish. So excited to see the outcome.

I loved watching her work. 
Another artform Annette is really talented in

She explained to me the different techniques and procedures, leaving me very confused and impressed, and I realised that there are so many different ways of creating art.

It was time for foodage, and we took a stroll through little Italy until we came to a Thai restaurant. 

Just thought I’d put this in, as I thought it was a bit funny. Hamburgers and Scotland..?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved to see this, thank you! What a beautiful place San Francisco seems to be !!


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