I think I’m brand new

Watching Cloud atlas the other day made me think about afterlife, and having lived before

 I don’t really know where my believes are at the moment, and I don’t know if I believe in having lived before, but nothing would surprise me anymore.

 Some people I know are in a special way that could make me think that, yeah, they could possibly have lived before. The movie also spoke about how destiny leads us to each other, and how the people you meet affect you, and the choices you make and the feelings you have for them, and for the world

 I really loved watching it, and of course I believe that, I know, so well that the people I meet are more important than anything else, my family, my friends, my lovers, my housemates, people come and go, but they make me feel things, and I learn from them

 I remember them too, the people that make an impact on you will never really leave you. And friendship is so important to me.

Living in this house with these people has made me feel like I had a family away from home. There’s always someone home, and there’s always something to do, whether it be chit chat, shit talk, TV, movie, video games, chilling on the porch or playing around, I feel content.

 I can’t help but get attached to people that I get along with, I care easily, and everyone can tell. I’m transparent and I am  not going to hide how I feel. I’m taking in everything like a newborn, I love it, I love living it like that

 I don’t think I’ve ever lived before. I do think that I am meant to meet these people, because they have all given me something, and I am becoming a better person for it. But I don’t think I have met them before, in another dimension, or an earlier life, I think I am the new kid on the block. I feel -new.


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  1. Michael says:

    Hi Jasmine, thanks for following, I appreciate it. I believe you can’t get to think about the after-life or before life unless you have lived before, although this one IS brand new, just as this present moment is.
    I mostly experience most of the time that there is no separation between anything or anybody, that we are living all lives, past present and future, all at the same time, like we all have a homeopathic dose of the whole Universe inside each of us. The ‘memory’ of past lives, present intuition, empathy, spirituality and thoughts of the ‘afterlife’ is merely your being connecting more strongly to that Universal source.
    Pretty deep huh!? well done


    1. jasminplease says:

      That is a beautiful thought Michael…
      Thanks for reading! x


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