Thanksgiving in Hawaii

I flew to Hawaii on the 20th. of November with Hawaiian Airlines

After having my birthday I got some money from my family that I wanted to spend on another trip to Hawaii to see my friends again, and to celebrate thanksgiving.

Staying at Rick and Nicole’s place again, and was invited to several celebrations. Rick was working on Thursday so we had to celebrate it with his Sister, his nephew and his sisters husband. We went to Buca’s as me and Rick both looove the place. It’s fun, and they give you a tour of the kitchen before and all the staff greet you, before you get to your table. And the food (Italian-American) is gooorgeous.

Celebrations ARE better at Buca’s.

Then on Thanksgiving I made my way to Ethan and Micah’s house, to celebrate my first official Thanksgiving. I was super excited, and quite lucky to be invited. The food was soo extensive and good, and I just didn’t know where to start. This  holiday is basically about eating.

Look at this table! The big fat turkey, the stuffings, sauces and sides… Mmm.. Gorgeous.

Ethan getting himself some food after cutting the turkey for everyone.


Micah’s trying to put on some good stuff on Netflix but it struggling with the controller. Ethan is insisting to let him take over.

-Search! SEARCH! Press search..!

-Yeah, I know, I just can’t seem… to put… my finger on it.

SHOTS! They all said. And I didn’t join in. I never do… How COOL am I?!

But I certainly will have some PIE! in my EYE!

Mmmm… Harumi certainly is enjoying his pie.

EVERYBODY! Get your money! Get your pie! Free money and pie!

I was so excited I thought I’d give Ethan a bit of boob.

Ethan got a liiiitle to excited and tried to impress me by impersonating his interpretation of a spider.

while everyone else was just kind of chilling in the living room, digesting the huge meal and lovely pie and cakes. It was a good first thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ve put on weight while I’ve been here. AND I’VE BEEN SO GOOD GOING TO THE GYM ALL THE TIME! ALL FOR NOTHING! Ah I don’t give a shit. I LOVE FOOD.


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Heeei, tuuuuuusen takk for fine lesestunder og herlige bilder!!!Jeg kommer inn på bloggen, og den er kjempefin 💝
    Nydelige Hawaii-blomster antagelig? 😊 Men hvis jeg skal kommentere,må jeg logge meg inn på noe eller? Super-f i i i i i n blog 😘Det blir jo som en dagbok for deg, fantastiske minner!!Nå kommer spreng-kulda, så KOS DEG mens du kan 😏Snart JUL 🎄KLEM KLEMDate: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 10:18:32 +0000


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