The Deadbeats Release party

dead·beat _ Slang


1. One who does not pay one’s debts.
2. A lazy person; a loafer.


Not fulfilling one’s obligations or paying one’s debts: a deadbeat dad.

This was the definition of a deadbeat that I found online, an I reckon the 2.option is the one these guys have named themselves after. 

 In their bio on myspace this is the story they tell about the birth of the band;

“The Deadbeats are a funky, jazzy hip-hop band that currently reside in Honolulu Hawaii. Many moons ago (circa 2005) a few old friends (Harumi the Hymn [emcee] and Brett Robinson [bass/ vocals]) were on a cigarette break outside of the studio where they would jam long and often. Due to an unfortunate family incident involving cats, kittens, towels and scissors, the Deadbeats were born. By 2007 the two were one garage-recorded album deep, and hungry for more. Luckily Harumi ran into Ethan ‘Honky-tonk’ Capone (keys) nodding his trucker hat violently over the pleased keys of a grand piano at Jazzminds on Kapiolani Blvd. Ethan’s old friend Micah Mclaughlin (drums) would then be called upon to keep the bands blood pumping with the beat. As if that weren’t enough, one day around the year 2008 a strange young man by the name of Matty Wong (saxophone) caught ear of this quartet. As if under some sort of spell the five friends would go on to produce music that felt good. ”

As the self-proclaimed president of the Official International Deadbeats Groupie Organisation OIDGO (We have t-shirts, they’re pink and low cut, if you’re interested -do not hesitate to contact me) I was super stoked that I was in Honolulu at this historic time in their career, as they have just released an album “Do you”  (The album pictured above is Ethan Capone’s own copy, -yes that is his leg right next to mine, -yes I have touched him many times, but don’t worry fans, he is very generous, and will let anyone touch him for $5 per touch, from neck to waist or from knee to heel, no other area’s permitted, see his manager for further details)


Here above as you can see, is my own SIGNED copy. Now, I haven’t actually listened to the album yet, but the most important thing is that I own it, and that I have their signatures, and that I have totally, like been in their presence several times.


Last friday, 23rd. of november was their release party at the Republic in Hawaii, and I attended (of course) along with the 24 other members of OIDGO –the groupie organisation, and a whole lot of other people, watching the boys rock our socks of live on screen. After screening their new music video of their son “Blast last night”



Ethan Capone rocking it out on the keys

Paul on the bass, who is actually a sick guitarist, but not actually on the album itself.

On vocals, quick-singing it -limerick – rhyming it- the rapper and main lyricist Harumi the Hymn
On one of the worlds most sexy instruments, the ladies man, Matty, making sweet love to the mouth of a golden delicious.

 The talented and wonderful Micah, looking seriously drummery as he is beating his friends with wooden sticks keeping the heart of the band beating.

And while this is happening, their friends and fans are rocking it out on the dancefloor, while digging the groove, and cheering these very charismatic and talented guys on.
Harumi is working very hard as he is bouncing around on stage, getting the words out, out to the audience, into their ears and inevetably some seeps into their brains and get stuck until they can no longer stop the impulse of wanting to sing along to their catchy ‘hook’ and belt it out with him. It was a great sing-along.
And while this is all happening, the merch-is-a-selling..! Got myself a T-shirt and a free sticker actually. People are going crazy out on the dance floor, the lights are bright and the music is tight. 
Interesting how this band of men work together, and it will be interesting how far their music will take them, and if this will reach mainland America on a big level, and perhaps to the rest of the world.
Mr. Capone finds it very hard not to be sexy while making love to his keys. But it is understandable when she moans out such sweet, groovy and funky noises when he ‘tickles the ivories’ as he himself likes to put it.

There is a time for being just the band.



And there is a ime to invite others to join the forces and be a band and some guest artists. The event was a success, they broke even before the gig started, and hopefully gained some new fans. This is a very original band, with a new and refreshing sound, some good songs, and a heck of a lot of party-tunes for the youngsters out there that appreciates REAL music, with real instruments played by skilled musicians with young-blooded party souls themselves. A group of humble, funny, inclusive, handsome, charismatic and promising artists.

We at the OIDGO  wish you luck

and thanks to Honolulu pulse for some of the photos.



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  1. Unni Reid says:

    TAAAKKKK for D Gleder mai til o høre cden dems 😜
    Og SAXOFON 💖 Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 03:45:08 +0000


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