Goodbye Hawaii

I was gonna write  a lot of words about the pictures, but I think they speak for themselves, and will show you what a BLAST I had in Hawaii with my friends. To help with the Images Ill just list a few events, people and things that pop up, and enjoy the ride ! Feast your eyes on the colours of Hawaii and my sexy friends. I don’t know when I’ll see them again the next time, so departing was heartbreaking, but I have these memories and images, so I thought I’d share with you, to give you ALL THE MORE REASON TO WANT TO GO TO HAWAII! Don’t just wish for it! DO IT! Go there! I will.. again… one… day…

  • Eating Garlic chicken
  • Opening night at Honolulu Theatre for youth ‘Christmas Talk Story’
  • Lanikai Beach
  • Visiting Annie and her son in her nice house in Kailua and swimming in her pool
  • Living with Rick and Nichole and her HUGE dog and cat
  • Cruising with Sophia
  • General eating
  • Going for drinks with friends
  • Hike up Diamond head with Dezmond and his missus Hanna
  • Hula down in Waikiki
  • Gig at the Irish pub
  • Gig at Jazzminds
  • Nice sights around Honolulu and Waikiki

IMGP2905IMGP2919IMGP2596IMGP2605IMGP2804IMGP2908IMGP2700IMGP2680IMGP2817Diamond head hike with Dez n gfLanikai beach oahu Hawaii KailuaLanikai Beach Hawaii OahuIMGP2705IMGP2787IMGP2788Diamond head hikeIMGP2860IMGP2800IMGP2924IMGP2594IMGP2782IMGP2695IMGP2761IMGP2683IMGP2696IMGP2927IMGP2810IMGP2679IMGP2792IMGP2862IMGP2870IMGP2716IMGP2687IMGP2597IMGP2808IMGP2767IMGP2755IMGP2692IMGP2611IMGP2928IMGP2914IMGP2806IMGP2831sexy diamond head hike oahuLanikai Beach Oahu Kailua Hawaii Sand TurquoiseIMGP2790IMGP2707IMGP2872IMGP2867IMGP2712IMGP2801Dez and I hiking Diamond Head OahuIMGP2850IMGP2759IMGP2809


2 Comments Add yours

  1. meg says:

    sad i wasn’t in HI to see you!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Yeah, it was weird without u there… 😦


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