June house return and departure

Back in Hollywood at the June house.Photo on 2012-12-03 at 21.18

Flew home from Hawaii on the 30th of november, cried like a baby at the bus stop, Rick trying to calm me down. Hadn’t slept all night, we’d just been chatting and watching movies and philosophising, one can say. Luckily cought about two hours on the plane, and after a lot of hassle (almost missing my flight because the bus was delayed), running barefoot through the airport with bags and jeans falling off, then landing, waiting 30min. for bus, an hours bus, then underground from Union Station to Hollywood and Highland, then the 7 minute walk home.

It was real nice seeing everyone, but it was Sam’s last night,IMGP2933 which was another upsetting thing. Not only was I faced with Post-Hawaiian-depression, saying goodbye to my friends in Honolulu, Not knowing how long it will be until next time, I had to say goodbye to Sam, and face the reality of the June house soon coming to an end. There was a lot of crying (on my part) cuddling, drinking and sentimentality as we reminisced and messed around. It was kinda fucked up, but real nice too, and it just saddened me even more, as we are just such a good group of friends.IMGP2936

I get really easily attached to people and places. And I am terrible at dealing with change… especially if it is a situation I am happy with. And I am, very much happy, with my house, The Groundlings, my classmates, the options of flying to Hawaii or take the train to San Francisco. And I know I must enjoy and embrace the craziness of the June house, and who knows, maybe we’ll get together again. IMGP2947

The boys were trying to help Rochelle assemble her new bike.

Sam was such a big part of my stay here, we have shared so much, thoughts, experiences, emotions, songs, movies and adventures. And he was the life and soul of the party. Not to say that we don’t know how to party without him, almost every night is a party in the June house! IMGP2938But, it’s just not the same. Now Sam is gone, and we’re missing him…. The boys are really missing him. And there’s a new guy that just came in and replaced Paul, no one has replaced Sam yet. The new guy is Russian and is called Constantin or something. He seems nice, but his English isn’t too good. But of course he is welcome here.


After talking a lot about the June house, we’ve decided that we are a bunch of retarded fucktards, all of us, and that is why we get along so well.

You Gotta be crazy to live in the June house.

xx J


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