Classes at Groundlings

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood

The reason I came here in the first place, was to attend the well renowned and fabulous Groundlings School and Theatre, following the footsteps of many a great comedian. Funny I haven’t written about it yet, as I’ve experienced so many adventures whilst being here. But next week is the last week, and I’ll know whether I pass the Basic level or not.

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Mar

After a few months of refining my improvisational skill set and gathering more experience in comedy character work, and adding information, I have followed my very funny classmates progress, and I find myself very proud and excited.

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood writer

I think it’s real scary now to meet the end. If I was living in LA, I wouldn’t care if I pass or not, I’d love to do basic over and over, and it would be a different experience each time, but since I need to go back to Norway to save up money to come back, it doesn’t really feel like a step forward, and I am unsure whether or not I would continue.

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Andy and Matt

I have had so much fun with my classmates, We’ve had different classrooms, two different teachers, I’ve sat different places, but after a few weeks, people started sitting in the same places next to the same people, and we’ve become a nice group. I wish we would’ve spent more time outside of the classroom, as we could’ve bonded more and it wouldn’t have taken us so long to become the great ‘company’ that we are now.

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Andy Comedian

But unlike me, people have jobs and stuff to do, so it’s been hard to arrange something, although we’ve gone to a few Groundlings shows together. I have been to SO many shows, and I’ve learnt a LOT from watching, although it’s hard because the shows are so great, and I enjoy it too much, and unless I evaluate the things I remember after, I don’t really take note of the things that I have learnt that they are utilising.

-Does this young man remind you of someone by the way mum? πŸ˜‰

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Liz Bolton Teacher actress

Liz is our teacher and is a really talented woman. She’s worked with a lot of theatre, abroad and home, and she’s done improvisation for around 15 years! She is super funny, and she’s a fast thinker. Now, I’ve never met a less bias teacher in my life, she really embraces all of us for what we are, and gets the best out of us, no favouritism, no unnecessary comments, just no nonsense, inspirational and spesific feedback. She’s a great teacher, and I am gonna miss her guidance a lot.

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Students Groundlings

It’s so great to be in a room full of funny people. Working with people that are better than you really teaches you a lot. I’ve improved a lot since I started, and I really really hope I pass. But I have NO idea.I’ve heard it’s really hard and that usually only a small number of people pass each time. AHHHHH!Β 

Class at The Groundlings BASIC LEVEL Improvisation Hollywood Liz Bolton Stage

Today was a great class. I did well on the first excersise, but I wasn’t happy with the two other ones. I’ve been happy with what I’ve been doing lately, but today I know I put a bit more pressure on myself as it’s coming to an end and I WANT TO DO GOOD! My attitude during this course has pretty much been very laid back, relaxed and fun-loving. I got a great feedback on my evaluation from Liz, but I know there are so many things I need to work on, that I just DIDN’T do well today. Buuuut, at least it was a lot of fun.

We’ll see. If’ it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. Whatever path lies ahead right?

Your faithful Improvisor,

Jasmin xxx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. angeliemeehan says:

    I just took Basic, and blogged about the whole experience too. πŸ™‚ Did you end up passing? Thanks for writing up a neat blog with pictures!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hi πŸ™‚ sorry for late reply!
      Been working too much – writing too little :p
      I didn’t pass intermediate no, I’m gonna have to retake it! Which I definitely will πŸ™‚


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